Ho'oponopono, Transmutation next to the water

Ho'oponopono, Transmutation next to the water
Published: January 7, 2014

Ho oponopono, Transmutación Aloha my friend!!

Happy 2014 to you!

I have arrived in Los Angeles, after 2 months, 6 countries, 14 seminars, and a miraculous tour around Israel, I am home!

I am still trying to find the correct words to tell you about all my experiences and the amazing time there. Especially Israel´s tour that keeps surprising me every time I think about the exciting moments we had shared with the group and how protected and blessed we were.

Here are Veronicas’ words:

"It´s difficult to put into words the perfect, the absolute, the unconditional love, the friendship, the camaraderie, the transformation of obstacles into learning  from our own laughter, smiles and  humor , the generosity and Mabel´s cleaning ;  the permanent , professional and loving disposition of Laura Kapiluk and each member of this wonderful group of people that shared their lives, joy, sadness, experiences, and trusted me and Mabel. 

This trip wasn´t a tour , IT WAS A TRUE QUANTUM LEAP FOR EVERYBODY, I include myself, I have never seen so many weather setbacks and at the same time so much joy, friendship, camaraderie, celebration, understanding and love happening all together; everything got resolved miraculously from love and humor. Finding our essence, letting go of old structures, starting to walk our Soul’s path , that´s what’s all about. 

Now more than ever I am convinced about the power of the cleaning, the power of love".

The seminars are never the same and the cleaning is unique and peculiar at every training we assist (even when we take it in absentee) but I guarantee that after such experience I am not definitely the same and my cleaning has increased exponentially. My mission and soul's path as Veronica call it, is Peace in the Middle East. I´m committed and I don’t have free choice anymore. Purpose overrides free choice. Did you know that?

I will have much more about this to share in my next classes with you and I will try when possible, to have them closer to the water because the water accelerates the  transmutation.

Like next week, I am going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to do it at a beautiful resort by the Pacific Ocean, and then will be Barcelona, Israel and Hungary in May, and the schedule is already filling up.

So, I will be in touch again with you soon, but I’ve just wanted you take advantage of the special discount price of $197 to participate at Renew U Super Seminar IV in February in Los Angeles.  You have only till January 15 TO SAVE!!

I wish you 2014 to be the most peaceful year ever.

Mabel Katz



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