Ho'oponopono, Discover your path in Los Angeles

Ho'oponopono, Discover your path in Los Angeles
Published: February 18, 2014

Renew U Super Seminar IV  2014   YouTubeWe are all doing the best we can with what we’ve got. But the truth is that sometimes it is hard and stressful. Of course we are happy with our successes and we have accomplished many things by doing it the way we KNOW.

What if there is a better way that we don’t know that we don’t know?

What if there is an easier and more effective way? And I am talking about WAY EASIER and WAY MORE EFFECTIVE!!!

Would you like to have the most awesome LIFE experience ever?

I invite you to participate in Renew U Super Seminar IV and enjoy a space of personal growth and evolution. It is not about attending a consciousness seminar. It’s not about a group of speakers telling you what to “do". It IS about YOU and a team of Masters creating a space where YOU discover what is inside of you and the ways you can share that with humanity in a Prosperous and Abundant way!
Many participants from our last Renew U and Super Seminars have shared the same feedback: “My life’s purpose and passion is so obvious now!", "I see my path to s success so clearly!", " I’ve never had this awareness of life being so grand!", "My mind, body, SPIRIT, my whole experience is of a new vibration!” They have shared that it exceeded expectations in every way!

You can be experiencing this freedom, wisdom, ALIVENESS and CLARITY too. So you see, this is not about a seminar, it’s about YOU.

Enjoy and evolve your relationships with Marianne Williamson talking about transforming politics from the inside, Dr. John Gray's latest discoveries in Strong and Healthy relationships, Janet Attwood's Passion Test, Robert MacPhee's Prosperity Game, Gabriel Nossovitch's Morphogenic Field, Dr Effie Chow's Qigong, Ho’oponopono with me, and many more!!!

You may get to know the rest of our speakers in our web site www.renewusuperseminar.com

You may take committed action today. Whether it is traveling across the world, across the country, or driving a short distance… JUST DO IT!

You deserve it. Just to be there in that special energy with very special people!


Your ticket is at a super low price of $97 dollars for all three days!!! I recommend the VIP Package that includes reserved seating in the front rows, 2 breakfasts with the speakers and one VIP Reception for only $397.

The hotel has extended the special rate of $112 per night, for a few days more.

What are you waiting for? Are you still thinking?

Reserve your space NOW!

This is your time.

Mabel Katz


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