Ho'oponopono, the key to manifestation is today

Ho'oponopono, the key to manifestation is today
Published: March 26, 2014

After the awesome and transformational event we had in Los Angeles with Janet Atwood, Marcia Weider, John Gray, don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson and many more, I left to Mexico. 

I presented my Ho’oponopono seminars in Mexico City and Guadalajara, but most important for me were the opportunities I had to plant my seed at the University Albert Einstein, a Peace University In Mexico, at Centro de la Amistad Internacional (children's with abuse, bullying and addiction challenges) and Fundacion Pas dedicated to the prevention of child abuse in Guadalajara. Ho'oponopono, The key to Manifestation is TODAY | www.hooponoponoway.net
I am so grateful for these opportunities. I love working with children and young adults and show them how they are ok just the way they are. That they are very important people and that they should be themselves at all times and circumstances. Most important, that they could be happy now.  

I think we need to start from the children, because we cannot allow them to go through what we went through. If they are happy, they will create happy communities, happy schools, happy businesses and happy and peaceful worlds. 

If they love and accept themselves, they will be able to love and accept others. If they know they do not need to be perfect, but that they are unique and perfect the way they are, they will appreciate and admire differences, they will appreciate diversity and they will respect others as they will also be respected and valued. 

Talking about that, today Wednesday, let me remind you what Jesus said: “Blessed are the Meek for they shall inherit the earth” 

To understand this is literally the Key of Life. It is Jesus' Message reduced to a single sentence. 

Did you know the word "earth" in the Bible means Manifestation? 

The trouble and sorrow that we are suffering is really due to the very fact that our mode of life is so opposed to the Truth, that the things Jesus said seem to us at first sight, as foolish and wild. 

Please let me remind you today the power of your unconscious mind and how Ho’oponopono can help you to change what you are manifesting in your life. 

“See you” later today in the call! 


PS: By the way, the amazing and transformational event in Los Angeles has been recorded and you can enjoy as much or as little as you wished of these amazing teachers from the comfort of your own home. Please check it out HERE

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