Ho'oponopono, peace in the middle east

Ho'oponopono, peace in the middle east
Published: April 17, 2014

Ho'oponopono, Peace in the Middle East | www.hooponoponoway.netBack from New York City! Yes, totally unexpected unplanned vacations! Sunday night I found out about some meetings between Palestinians and Israelis organizations getting together in New York and Washington DC and Monday, the following day,  at 4 pm I was on the plane to New York!

How many times I am in US and kind of “free” that I can assist? So many times I get invitations to events that I cannot participate because I am presenting on the other part of the world. I had to be there. I had to clean! I also got the opportunity to clean the day I spent in Washington DC.

Well, yes, it was crazy, but crazy is always good. I told myself, this does not make any sense, but I knew besides my cleaning…it was an opportunity to show God that I am committed with my life purpose: Peace in the Middle East.

Guess who else was also in New York around the corner from my hotel at the same time? President Obama!! .We also coincided once in Israel! Maybe a coincide...but I think he is following the cleaning trail. Definitely unconsciously...

Like I said, it was definitely an opportunity to clean. I realized how we keep looking for the solutions in the same places, and we are expecting things to change! We still want to be right and have the last word.

Remember what Albert Einstein said? “Insanity is keep doing the same things, expecting different results.”  We are totally insane, we are going around in circles, trying to be right. Expecting the other one will do something, change their ideas/approaches. And on top of that, we are not listening. We are sooo asleep.

I told them, we have to get out of the box, open our minds. The solutions will not come from intellects. Somebody else suggested education, learning from each other, finding out we are family. She was told there was no time for education. Can you believe it? Sounds like a joke. So we still think there is time to keep “negotiating”? Doing the thing that never worked.

I reminded them also, that our ancestors knew the solutions were not on this plane. They trusted and they saw and experienced miracles.

After reading this from Emmet Fox, maybe you will understand why I am saying Ho’oponopono is a VERY IMPORTANT piece when we talk about bringing Peace in the Middle East.

“Once you understand the power of prayer, you will be able to really heal many quarrels in the true way; probably without speaking at all. The silent thought of the All-Power of Love and Wisdom will cause any trouble to melt away almost imperceptibly. The whatever arrangement will be best for all parties in the long run and it will come about under the influence of the Word thus spoken silently” -Emmet Fox

Yes, Ho’oponopono is a way of silent prayer and it can bring more peace into our lives and families.

Now you can benefit from my Ho'oponopono cleaning, let go of those blockages and bring more peace into your life. Will I see you in BudapestTel Aviv or Tulum?

Peace within IS world peace.

Mabel Katz


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