Ho'oponopono, we tackle your problems next in Budapest or Tel Aviv

Ho'oponopono, we tackle your problems next in Budapest or Tel Aviv
Published: May 8, 2014

10176134_10152416919533307_3931070052245461625_nAloha my friends!

What do you do when a problem shows up in your life? Do you worry? Do you think and talk about it?

It is much easier to overcome a difficulty if we tackle a problem immediately as they show up, than trying to resolve it after the trouble has had some little time to establish itself, to dig itself in our minds.

The moment it presents itself, let go, stop the reaction. When you chose to let go, you will notice that has no control and little power over you.

You might think you are giving the enemy more ground, but I assure you the problem will disappear and you will be left victorious.

So, how do we tackle a problem immediately? By saying "thank you" or "I love you". That way you turn it to God. You ask for His help, support and guidance.

Accept that everything is a blessing even if it doesn’t look like it, be grateful for the opportunity to correct errors. Set yourself free.

It really works. If you are looking to bring more peace in your life, this is your opportunity, as I will be cleaning and sharing in Budapest, Tel AvivSubotica and Sarajevo. Look at the schedule and decide which one will work for you better. And if you decide none works for you, ask yourself this question: What am I focusing on? Or… Am I playing for the winners' or the losers' team?

You are a winner, just change your focus. Tackle your limiting thoughts NOW, do not allow them to take the stage of your mind.

See you SOON!

Mabel Katz


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