Ho'oponopono, Tel Aviv and Subotica next

Ho'oponopono, Tel Aviv and Subotica next
Published: May 15, 2014

School in Hungary that works with kids with autism and other challenges and some teachers are seeing results with Ho'oponopono!Aloha my friends!

I am already in Tel Aviv after a great and quiet training in Budapest.

Hungarians are quiet people, not many questions, but they got up to dance and participated big time in the Zero Frequency® training experience.

The visit to the school for kids with autism and other challenges was very emotional to me. They presented us with gifts they had made themselves and they also performed for us.


We were with the most “problematic kids” in the school and that just happens to be the most quite room in the school. Nobody understands why, but when they have a problem with a child they send them there.

Do you think that MAYBE is because their teachers practice Ho’oponopono? They had solar water in the room. The flor de lis, “I love and thank you” on the walls.

What I appreciated the most was the LOVE. See, this is a school where kids can be themselves! They are accepted the way they are and they are happy kids! Who said what “normal kids” and “normal schools” are? All we know is that in normal schools kids are under a lot of stress and not happy.

Well, now other opportunities are expecting me here in Tel Aviv, then Subotica and Sarajevo World Peace conference!

“Nothing can come into our experience unless it finds something in us with which it is attuned; and so, to have trouble and difficulty is only a sign that our own mentality needs clearing up; for what you see at any time is nothing but your own concept.”  Sounds familiar? Something you would hear in a Ho’oponopono training? Emmet Fox said it!!

This is The Easiest Way to solve problems!!

Aren't you tired of suffering? See you soon?

Peace begins with ME

Mabel Katz



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