Ho'oponopono, Just clean and change your life in Tel Aviv

Ho'oponopono, Just clean and change your life in Tel Aviv
Published: May 22, 2014

Ho'oponopono in Tel Aviv, IsraelAloha my friends!

I am very sorry we had to close the Ho’oponopono seminar in Tel Aviv. We were sold out. Thank you, thank you, thank you

It was the best seminar ever. I felt it, but also reviewers felt it. My organizers told me the same, even after seeing me in action all these years.  

Somebody asked me: “Mabel, my partner and I organize some seminars here in Israel, and we are wondering: what do you do to bring the people?” Instantly, I started looking for Yael, my representative here, and she already had her hand raised and asked me: “Mabel, could I answer that question myself?” 

Yael told them how she worries every time thinking that we are not going to have enough people, etc., etc. That she cannot help it, but when she tells me this via e-mail, I always respond: “just clean!” Then that reminds her and she goes back to do her cleaning, and people starts registering, till the point that every training here we end up overbooked and we need to add trainings.  

When Yael finished I told that lady: “I just clean, I do not know what else to do”. Well, at that moment I realized how many times I am not aware and conscious enough myself, to notice how amazing this work is. Yes, I do not know what else to do. How wonderful, because it is EASY! Thank you God, you are AMAZING. 

This Thursday you still have a chance to open your mind to all the possibilities in the Zero Frequency® training here. On Thursday we give more food for thought to the intellect to convince it to let go and let God, so we can be happy and free again. 

We are living in this amazing planet, where EVERYTHING is possible! “If you did not get what you wanted, it is a sure thing that you did not seriously want it."

So… if you are serious, stop the opinions, judgments and excuses. Let’s connect with the Real YOU, with your passion and purpose this Thursday!

Peace begins with ME
Mabel Katz

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