Ho'oponopono can help with Relationships

Ho'oponopono can help with Relationships
Published: May 28, 2014

Do you believe in coincidences?. President Obama visited Israel for the first time in 2013 during the same time I was in Israel. The Pope was just here in Israel, while I am here.

President Obama was in New York City In April this year, around the corner from where I was staying in New York City that same week.

Maybe it is coincidence, but I will be happy to keep doing my work, cleaning! We never know what we are avoiding from happening. Thank you God for my cleaning job!

Have you seen some of the Pope’s pictures?  This is very emotional. Just confirmation: We are all family!

During my presentation of Zero Frequency® in Tel Aviv, somebody asked: “What if our Gods are fighting?” At first I understood something else, and I started answering something else, but when they repeated the question, I couldn’t believe somebody could be asking something like that. My answer was “Then, they are not Gods!”

Do you think that if Jesus, Mohammed and Moses would come back and sit down together, they would start debating and discussing? They would try to be right or have the last word? I clean!

Well, now let me remind you that if you are thinking about joining Veronica and me in magical Tulum, Mexico in September for the healing training of your life, the promotional price is only till the 31st of this month, so please reserve your place NOW and SAVE!

And this Thursday is our monthly LIVE Telewebcast. As I do every month, I will be there to answer all your questions. This month the theme is Relationships. Are you playing victim? Change your attitude and stop stagnation and all-round-failure. “See you” Thursday on the call!

Mabel Katz


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