✮ New resource ✮ Videos - Open your mind in 30 days

✮ New resource ✮ Videos - Open your mind in 30 days

30days-productAre you ready to OPEN up YOUR MIND in 30 Days?

These videos will make you wonder...

Maybe life is not what you think it is and...

Maybe you do not know as much as you think you know.

The more you open your mind... The easier life will become. Well, they say... ask that you shall receive...

Many students requested videos of the weird and special stories I collected throughout my years with Dr. Ihaleakalá. Stories of my own personal experience practicing Ho’oponopono, and during my own teachings around the world.

30 days to OPEN YOUR MIND, $1 dollar a day, one day at a time...

During 30 days I share with you the stories that opened up my mind. Many will not make sense to the intellect. The intellect will never understand them, but remember what the genius Albert Einstein said... READ MORE...

You will be receiving a video daily!

Includes: 30 digital videos

Only: $30




Also available in spanish and hungarian

What People Are Saying...

Aloha dear Mabel,

First thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing with me and the world, those 'Open Your Mind in 30 Days' videos which are so amazing, powerful and so full of that Light that You and your stories emanate... you allow the sun to get into me every day. Thank you, thank you with all my heart.

"~ All are Past Life Memories ~ All come into our lives to give us a New Opportunity".

Thank you very much for your precious attention, Mabel. We will meet on the 19 for Your Teleclass. I am very happy to meet you.

Thank You, I Love You!!

With much love,

- Francesca, Italy

Dear Klara:

The series of 30 days is not the first resource from Mabel translated into Hungarian that I have and I'm taking it as a sponge to water.

Also the books - thank you Klara - which I can read in Hungarian. They are fantastic, useful, interesting and effective.

Every time I see and read them, I find further information.

I can always discover something new.

Ho'oponopono has become part of my life. I'm cleaning daily and caring the relationship with my inner child.

My life has changed a lot since I chose the easiest way. Some issues have been resolved, for which I couldn’t see any possibility.

Thanks for the opportunity to clean every day.

Thanks for sharing the method and possibilities with me and with others who want to experience the infinite love and inner peace.

Thanks Mabel. Thanks Klara.

Thank you. I love you.

- Ibolya Zombori

Dear Klara: 
I'm happy for the 30 day program. 
I’m glad that it’s ready, that it’s translated into Hungarian and that I could buy it. I try to see the video of the day every day because Mabel's smiling face already lives in my heart. I love her stories, especially those that are personal, and I also love her teachings giving us more knowledge and tools. 
Still know very little about this method and I know that if I can learn more, it will help me for sure in every part of my life. 
Thanks and love. 

-Anna Szombathely, Hungary

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