Ho’oponopono and ”special” children

Ho’oponopono and ”special” children
Published: July 17, 2014

Ho’oponopono and ”special” children - Mabel KatzWe just simply call her ”Edike”, because that is her username in our Ho’oponopono web community. She has been using Ho’oponopono for a long time, and she has been there on every single training. It has been working for her perfectly since she started to use it. She is a teacher - therapist in a school where the 90% of the students are mentally challenged, mainly autistic. Her colleagues are amazed by the progress she has been making with the kids in her class. Kovácsné Végh Edina invited Mabel Katz to Szellő School located in the third district of Budapest. The atmosphere of this special school touched Mabel Katz very deeply, and here are her answers to my questions, when I asked her about her experience:

How did the students and teachers of this school get introduced to Ho’oponopono?

One of the teachers has taken several of my trainings and has been using Ho’oponopono for years. She was the one who has given us the opportunity to visit her class, so she could share her experiences and show us the results. I have learned a lot from the visit myself. It is so great that there is an educator, who is practicing Ho’oponopono in a school where you can literally feel the tremendous love, acceptance and happiness every moment.

How can you reach an autistic child with Ho’oponopono?

You just have to keep practicing it yourself, it is that simple. Even though these kids are mentally challenged, they are constantly observing us rather than listening to us, just like any other child. These ”special” children do know a lot more than we do. They are tuned in and connected to the Source much more than we are. Most of the time we are thinking and worrying. This way, our relationship with God and our connection to the Universe is limited. We are constantly judging, engaging and criticizing every single moment of our lives, so we leave no room for the inspiration to come into our lives. Kids with autism, down-syndrome, Tourette-syndrome, etc., are connected to many things we cannot even see, touch and definitely cannot feel. They are only waiting for us to wake up. These children set up an example for us. They are trying to show us the way the Universe and life really works. We are the ones that need to change, not them.

How are they able to practice this Hawaiian problem-solving method in their daily life?

I think they are more than capable of practicing it, because they already have the knowledge of how to do it, and they are waiting on us to catch-up with them. We all communicate on different levels. Not only by talking, as we think we do. We are all connected at a subconscious level. They are aware of the fact, that we are all One. But they are constantly observing and watching us. So, the most important thing is that we have to keep practicing ourselves.

Has Ho’oponopono changed their lives as well?

Yes, since they are -as I said before- constantly observing us, they are worrying and suffering because they see us suffering and worrying. So their lives are changing because we change. We learn to accept them the way they really are. We let them be, we allow them to be happy.

We say, our goal is to be at peace, regardless what is happenning around us. To me, it seems like they are already at peace….Why do they need Ho’oponopono then?

As I mentioned before, on the first place It is not them, who are in need of doing Ho’oponopono, but the people surrounding them, especially their parents. When they will see us being at peace, they will become happier. I have lot of positive feedbacks from parents saying how much their kids have changed lately. For instance, they didn’t smile before, but now they are smiling all the time. The way they communicate with the outer world has also changed due to their parents practicing Ho’oponopono. These parents decided to take 100 % responsibility, and decided to look at their children on the way God sees them. They are not looking through ”tainted glasses polluted by memories and programs” anymore, as we tend to do all the time. These children are already perfect the way they are. We are the ones, who are labeling them and putting them into boxes.

Also, we are the ones who make things bad. On my opinion they came to teach us. They are advanced souls, who chose to live this life on Earth, and they did choose their parents too. We have all been asleep,  and they are here to awaken us.

Have you noticed any differences compared to other schools?

I cannot really give you an answer to that question, because I haven’t visited other schools. But what I do know is that parents that used Ho’oponopono keep noticing significant positive changes, what they call: MIRACLES. They have learned to accept and love their children, and they are also willing to learn from them. The children taught them how to enjoy life, because kids see everything from a different perspective. They don’t worry about unimportant things and they are not looking for happiness at the wrong places. As we say in Ho’oponopono: When I change, then everything else changes, this is the only way. So it is not my child, who has to be ’’normal.’’ It is for me to be happy and enjoy learning from her or him.

Klara Mora


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