Ho'oponopono, my tour in South America

Ho'oponopono, my tour in South America
Published: July 28, 2014

Ho'oponopono, My tour in South America - Mabel KatzThis tour in South America has been an amazing one. I am looking forward to go back HOME to Los Angeles this Monday, but I am going back grateful and with a bigger heart.  

The tour started with the overwhelming response in Buenos Aires, to the point of having to close the trainings and having to leave people out. My staff had to stand the whole training because we didn’t have chairs for them! 

Also, I am grateful for the great moments and the LOVE I received there from family and friends. 

From Buenos Aires to La Paz, Bolivia. What an Incredible experience it was to be invited by the Mayor of that city to be part of the 1st Happiness Congress. I had tears in my eyes in different interviews, because my journey is a very lonely one, and to have the support of a Mayor to plant these seeds… I thought it was amazing. The way they treated us, they also took us to special spiritual places, like The Animas and Titicaca Lake!

From La Paz, to Lima, Peru.  Great opportunities there as always. Great response from people too. 

From Lima to Medellin, Colombia. Also an overwhelming response there. Definitely one not expected. Plus, I was invited by the Mayor’s office in that city to give a presentation. I am telling you, things are changing. Slowly but surely! 

These trainings are amazing opportunities for me to clean. I know how much people benefit from my cleaning.  I always tell them that they are my worst enemies and they just come to give me an opportunity.  Somebody wrote me that she was at the training in Medellin, and when I said “I don’t know what I have done to you, but I am very sorry”, she had a vision, she said that she saw all of us in a very bloody battle with swords and shields, and that she was grateful to see us now all together again united by LOVE. 

In Buenos Aires somebody told me that all the attendees have been together as slaves in another lifetime. You should have seen them how happy they were in the Zero Frequency training playing, dancing and sharing together. Together again and setting themselves free! 

Now I am in Bogota, Colombia. Incredible experiences here too. Interviews about Peace and doing presentation to a Foundation that helps women that have been burnt and/or disfigured by acid. They call themselves “Women without a face”. Brave women that refuse to see themselves as victims and can help others to survive such tragedies. They changed their lives and now they are helping to change others. I asked them to talk. I was moved by their stories and how much they had to teach ME. 

Well, tomorrow is Zero Frequency here in Bogota. Another FULL HOUSE. We had to remove tables to be able to fit everybody. 

What else can I ask? Thank you God for the opportunities!

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PS: This coming Wednesday the 30th, I will remind you how cause and effect are from the within to the without. How you create your own conditions, so  you can unmake them!


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  1. Alejandra says:

    Mabel hace poco te encontre,me impresiono lo que dijistes de personas que estando en los seminarios limpiando ,tienen visiones.Yo desde que empece a limpiar sueño con gente que no conozco!!!Tiene algo que ver con mis memorias?Gracias,gracias,gracias.

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