Ho'oponopono, are you coming to tulum?

Ho'oponopono, are you coming to tulum?
Published: August 5, 2014

Ho'oponopono, Are you coming to Tulum? - Mabel KatzI am already at home in Los Angeles, getting ready now for what will be a lot of fun, training, and a LUXURY experience in Mexico. I have shared with you, that during each training we clean HUGE memories. In Buenos Aires someone had the vision that we were cleaning a past life where we were together in slavery, and in Medellin someone saw us fighting in a very bloody battle. Sorry for whatever is in me... Remember that we all come to correct errors and to set ourselves free, but we can do it much easier and also having a good time, without suffering!

After every training, structures move and come down. Maybe situations where we felt blocked and stuck, so it's not by chance who attends and who cannot come.

In addition to reprogram our subconscious mind (our inner child), which is who really MANIFEST in our lives, we close many doors, so that others can be opened. And most importantly, we find out how to do MORE 24/7 cleaning.

The seminars are an investment for our souls. It’s a way to bring more peace and happiness to our lives.

When you show the Universe that you trust, wonderful things happen.

Besides everything mentioned above, add that this time we are beside the water in Paradise surrounded by Maya’s wisdom. We transmute BIG in Cancun on August 30, (Spanish Only) and remember that we still have some spaces for the second week (from the 13th to the 20th of September) in Tulum where we will work on Karma, Mission and Zero Frequency®.

In the channeling Veronica did, Divinity said: The sensitivity of the place and the work it will be done there is very elevated. Please let the participants know.

Everything impossible is now possible. Fly, life is a song; everything is at your fingertips. Look, stretch out your hand, the ecstasy of the incarnation of your life is yet to come!

Trust, here you have two opportunities. You can choose the one that you think is best for you. You deserve this gift.

See you soon at the Rivera Maya!

Mabel Katz


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