Ho'oponopono, base matrix, karma & life mission

Ho'oponopono, base matrix, karma & life mission
Published: August 29, 2014

Ho'oponopono, Base Matrix, Karma & Life Mission - Mabel KatzIn our magical trip to Tulum now in September we will work with Ho'oponopono, Zero Frequency®, Matrix and Life Mission. 

As I always tell you, it's hard to explain with words what we are going to do and what is going to happen. We put ourselves in God's hands, we let go and trust. 

The work we do along with Veronica can be done anywhere but if we add the power and wisdom of nature, it becomes exponential growth. 

Before people came into the Seminar room in Medellin, Colombia, I was doing my cleaning and preparation of the room for the Ho'oponopono Seminar, as usual, then inspiration took me outside to the terrace where there was a huge and beautiful planter full of flowers. At that moment, I began the cleaning with the flowers and I knew that they were there to help us with our work.

During the seminar, I told the students that at the breaks, they could go out to touch the flowers to receive a treatment from them. After the training, I received these two testimonies via e-mail:

"I stood next to the flowers in the terrace, immediately after, my heart started beating faster than usual and I didn't understand what was going on. Then in the room you told us to go out to touch the flowers, that it was something you had received from inspiration. When I went out , I understood that they not only wanted me to touch them but healing them too. At the beginning I laid my hands on them and then I touched them, I felt so good to be able to experience such wonderful things that others could say they are crazy...-A. C Medellin"

"...I also want to tell you that when I touched the flowers at the Medellin's terrace room I felt a strong palpitation and emotion in my chest and since that day I believe I healed my thyroid problem. We love you, Thank you!" G. L. Medellin"

What happened with the flowers in Medellin is nothing compared with what we are going to experience in Tulum

The other day during a radio interview about my Ho'oponopono Intensive Seminar coming up in Cancun this Saturday, August, 30, I got the message that this will be an ancestor's reunion...Can you imagine???

Well, what can I say...I 'm overwhelmed with gratitude and love!

Mabel Katz



6 Responses to “Ho'oponopono, base matrix, karma & life mission”
  1. Ruben says:

    Hola mabel perdoname pero estoy decepcionado de dios y el hooponopono estuve limpiando un año para que la mujer perfecta apareciera, aparecio alguien limpie y todo arranco durante un año segui con la limpieza insesante. Llego un problema segui limpiando y parece. Ser que ella en menos de un mes se enamoro de otro. Si no era para mi por que dios no la alejo antes sin dolor. Siempre limpie siempre y me duele ver como a pesar del trabajo dios me dejo solo

  2. Mireya says:

    Hola mabel mi situacion es esta. Lamentablemente por equivocaciones mias he lastimado el amor sincero de la persona que amo. Es duro. Doloroso que te diga que sun siente amor que te quiere pero no igual que antes. Dice que se siente confundido que puedo hacer? Es posible que el amor sincero y honesto que ha habido y que me dicen que de parte de el aun hay pueda renovarse fortalecerse y ser mas hermoso que antes? Gracias mabel

  3. Ely says:

    Mabel anoche tuve un sueño en el que estaban mi hermano y mi hermana con quienes no tengo buena relación , pero entr ellos si se llevan muy bien , pero en el sueño ellos peleaban discutiendo y yo estaba ahí y empezaba a limpiar diciendo "Lo siento , perdón por aquello que hay en mí y ha creado esto aquí " recuerdo el sueño muy claro. Qué crees que signifique? Hay algún mensaje o quisiera saber tu opinión. Gracias

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