Peace ambassador and leading proponent of ho’oponopono (The easiest way) returns from extensive travels in her world peace campaign.

Peace ambassador and leading proponent of ho’oponopono (The easiest way) returns from extensive travels in her world peace campaign.
Published: September 16, 2014

Mabel Katz experienced standing ovations and over-capacity crowds at her talks and workshops to the public, students, educators, and government leaders. Her travels spanned a Peace Conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia to the Conference of Happiness in La Paz, Bolivia.

Dame Mabel Katz is doing more than her part in bringing peace to the world. She says, “I believe if we are to obtain World Peace in a world where violence and hate exist, we must first find Inner Peace. That’s why our motto is ‘Peace Begins with Me. If I am at Peace, the world around me will be at Peace; it is not the other way around…” Practicing what she preaches, she is on a mission to demonstrate how we can find peace in ourselves and make the world a more peaceful place. Her campaign for peace will ultimately take her to 67 cities in 34 countries.

Her most recent travels began in Eastern Europe where she participated in the profoundly moving international peace conference, 100 Years After World War I, in Sarajevo, Bosnia. She also addressed a school in Budapest, Hungary where 90% of students are mentally challenged, most of them autistic. She was there to inspire parents and teachers in reaching peace and happiness; and to work with the teachers who already practice Ho’oponopono. From her experience, she commented: “I noticed happy children, accepted as they were by teachers who demonstrated and stood for peace.”

Also on this leg of her travels, she returned to Israel —where she joined programs for Israelis and Palestinians—to accomplish her mission there. Again she encountered sold out events and enthusiastic audiences hungry for her message of peace. She also visited a Kindergarten where Palestinians and Jewish children attend.Peace Ambassador and Leading Proponent of Ho’oponopono - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono Way

Colegio José Hernandez Bueanos Aires Junio 2014

Following Europe and the Middle East, Ms. Katz set out for a whirlwind tour of speaking and workshops in South America. It began powerfully with a Zero Frequency® workshop at a Buenos Aires private High School. She shared a speech with hundreds of students and teachers; whose focus was on how to reach happiness and inner peace. Her presentation was part of the program “A Thousand Flags to A Thousand Schools” campaign sponsored by the organization, “Mil Milenios de Paz”.

Afterward, she was interviewed by the students for their radio show. Her presentation and responses so impressed these young people, that they invited her to be one of the mentors at their 2015 annual retreat.

Peace Ambassador and Leading Proponent of Ho’oponopono - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono WayHer workshops were so popular that many hopeful participants had to be turned away. The venue was packed and her staff found themselves standing for hours because there were no seats available for them. At another event, she presented the Peace Flag to 1985 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Ernesto Kahan, at the Argentine Senate chambers.

Having been invited by the city’s mayor, Ms. Katz took part in another international event, The First Congress of Happiness in La Paz, Bolivia. The program included huge public presentations at parks, conferences and seminars. It was a deeply moving experience for her to participate and to perceive unprecedented government support for her work for peace.

In Lima, Peru, Ms. Katz was interviewed on several media programs and consistently received enthusiastic and warm welcomes, at the seminars she presented there.

As her good works have become more widely recognized, Ms. Katz has found increasing acceptance from local and national governments. Even so, it was quite a surprise to be asked by the Mayor’s Office to give a presentation to his staff in Medellin, Colombia.

Perhaps some of the most touching and inspiring moments occurred in Bogota, Colombia. Ms. Katz had been invited to do a presentation to a foundation called Women without a Face that helps women who have been burned and/or disfigured by acid. She found her audience to be phenomenally brave women who refuse to see themselves as victims and help others to survive such tragedies. Also in Bogota she was featured on a program about Peace and Reintegration.

Not one to rest when there is work to be done, Ms. Katz is currently in Mexico, leading seminars and workshops in Cancun and Tulum. In Tulum she will devote two weeks to working with participants from around the world in what is described as a Healing and Initiation Journey. It is a bi-lingual event that promises to make a powerful contribution to world peace by supporting inner peace. A true testament to her world peace campaign, “Peace begins with ME. Peace within IS world peace”.

Mabel Katz is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and seminar leader who is recognized for her work for world peace and as a leading authority on Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian art and practice for achieving greater clarity of purpose and living and working more effectively. Her home base is in Los Angeles, California.

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