Ho'oponopono. Gratitude to open to abundance is this week

Ho'oponopono. Gratitude to open to abundance is this week
Published: December 29, 2014

Gratitude to open to abundance is this week - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono Way

Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season! A student asked me to recommend him a book about "trust". I told him: "let me think about it", but he reminded me that during one of my monthly classes I had read to them from a book about that subject. 

As he said that, I remembered immediately what book he was referring to, and I said: "You're right, that is the perfect book to read about trust". 
After he started reading it, he wrote me back and told me that it had a lot of religious content (the book is written by an Orthodox Rabbi). So I answered: "Please, ignore the religious content, and get whatever feels good, whatever resonates in your heart, because the book itself is excellent". 

As I always tell you during my classes, please do not believe anything I say, but if something resonates, take it, otherwise discard it. 
It turned out that this student of mine ended up being so enthusiastic about the book, that he talked to the Rabbi about me and the Rabbi wanted to meet me when I would come to Israel. Do you have an idea of what this means? Orthodox Rabbis rarely receive women, it is also very hard to get an appointment with him, and if you get one you have to wait for months to finally see him. 
Well, I met with him, he was very kind and told me very nice things about me and my work, and that we had work to do together...  but more importantly, he told me that the day all Israelis say "Thank you", that will be the day there will be Peace on Earth! Isn’t that exciting? 
 His name is Rabbi Shalom Arush. The book I recommended to my student was “The Garden of Emuna” and now my student recommended “The Garden of Gratitude”, which was already on my desk waiting for me at home when I came back. 

Gratitude is extremely important, that is why I chose it as the theme for my class this month to my Sacred Ho'oponopono Community. 
This is a very important moment we are living, that’s why we keep on letting go, saying “thank you” and trusting. This way, we will be able to open our channels to Abundance, Peace and Happiness in 2015! 
Thank you in advance for joining me on the call, and giving me the great opportunity to clean!

Mabel Katz



6 Responses to “Ho'oponopono. Gratitude to open to abundance is this week”
  1. Helen Argyriou says:

    Hi Mabel, I discovered you last week and since I have listened to your videos and read your blogs...wow I am so open to receiving what you are teaching! I'm so grateful, you have already thought me a lot. Is Montreal in your travel destinations for 2015? I noticed in one of the videos you were in Montreal 2012... I had not discovered you then..Thank you for your teachings, I listen to you every day!


  2. vardit says:

    Mabel, Thanks for all your work, thank you for your dedication to humanity.
    Hope to see you in Israel more, we need you...
    Regards from Israel
    Love you

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