Dame Mabel Katz continues her world travels for peace

Dame Mabel Katz continues her world travels for peace
Published: January 26, 2015

The 2015 Peace Award winner and internationally acclaimed speaker receives blessings from a Serbian Orthodox Priest in Serbia and an Orthodox Rabbi in Israel during her 9-country sweep

Continues Her world Travels for Peace - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono Way

In the closing months of 2014, Mabel Katz presented 15 seminars and 3 conferences in 9 countries: Mexico, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Israel.

Starting in Mexico, she premiered her new seminar, The Easiest Way to Abundance, Peace and Happiness. She also presented her signature Zero Frequency–Return to Innocence workshop in Tlalnepantla. The workshop is based on ancient Hawaiian principles that are both timely and highly relevant in our modern times. Not only did this event attracted high-level administrators in education and social work, but there was also a surprisingly high turnout of everyday parents and children. “Seeing the interest and the response of the non-professionals and children was particularly moving for me,” Mabel said.

Hundreds attended her trainings in Kazakhstan, a primarily Muslim country, where people from 125 nationalities and religions co-exist side by side.

The focus of Mabel’s visit to Madrid, Spain was the unveiling of her newest book, My Reflections on Ho’oponopono. Published by Editorial Sirio, the book addresses key themes of life—money, relationships, business, happiness and health—and how Ho’oponopono helps solve problems and brings greater peace into life.

One high point of her visit to Serbia was a meeting in Belgrade with Father Stojadin Pavlović, Protojerej Stavrofor (Director of Patriarchy) of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Being granted an audience with him was a high honor, and the two spoke about Fr. Pavlović’s work that extends beyond borders and Mabel's worldwide peace mission.

Also in Belgrade, Mabel had the opportunity to meet with parents at the Association Cika Boca, an organization that offers support to parents of children with cancer.

Mabel’s visit to Israel held a surprise. One of her students was so enthused about her work, that he shared about it with Rabbi Shalom Arush, and he wanted to meet her. The influential and extremely busy Orthodox Rabbi, with appointments scheduled out for months, made time to meet with Mabel; an even larger compliment is that orthodox Rabbis almost never receive women. The Rabbi praised her work and indicated they had work to do together.

In Tel Aviv Mabel discussed with Nobel Laureate Dr. Ernesto Kahan the larger implications of her peace initiatives. Mabel has since returned to Los Angeles and is already planning her next travels, based on the countless invitations she has received from individuals and organizations around the world.


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