Ho'oponopono, the power of your heart and your wisdom this thursday

Ho'oponopono, the power of your heart and your wisdom this thursday
Published: February 18, 2015

Ho'oponopono, the Power of your Heart and your Wisdom this Thursday - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono WayWe spend most of our time occupied doing, thinking, worrying and we do not realize that is the worst thing we can do, especially when we have problems.

We must wake up and realize that we are really powerful. There is not too much we have to do to attract whatever is right and perfect for us.

The answers and solutions are hidden in the unknown, in those things and experiences that we cannot explain or understand.

Now science is discovering that we have a huge and rarely explored intelligence in our heart, and it seems to be our heart the one giving the instructions to our brain, and not the other way around.

The prevailing intellectual system has been responsible for overestimating the use of the mind and underestimating the heart.

In our Ho'oponopono and  Zero Frequency® seminars we learn to create a better connection with the heart, so we can be guided and make decisions from inspiration. To follow and trust our heart, will bring us that peace and abundance we are looking for.

Do not think. You can start to make quick decisions from your heart, which is never wrong, and will bring you much more Peace. Then you will tell me.

This Thursday, I invite you to connect with me and the Wisdom in YOU.

See you soon.

Mabel Katz



8 Responses to “Ho'oponopono, the power of your heart and your wisdom this thursday”
  1. Marylise says:

    Hi Mabel,

    And how can I do that when I have only a brain and no heart?
    Way of speaking. I don't feel my feelings in my body, I have no intuition, It is all in my head and I am tired of it all. I don't know how to love and be loved.
    At moment doing a week of non talking and trying to be in the being rather than being.
    Any advice to help me to reach my heart? Thanks. Marilyn

    • Mabel Katz says:

      If you say you don't have a heart, you don't. Your power is in your thoughts! Be willing to open up to feel.
      We all can connect with that part of us that knows (inspiration) but to do that we need to be willing to stop that part of us that says: "I don't feel my feelings in my body, I have no intuition, I don't know how to love and be loved". You can choose to be happy now! It is just a decision and nobody can do it for you, because you have free choice.

  2. Marylise says:

    Thanks Mabel. It sounds that simple and sure I am willing!
    Still something I don't understand with Ho'oponono. When erasing data, ALL data, how about our creativity and ideas to share at work and around? Shall we suppress it altogether? No talking, no communicating anymore????? No reading the paper etc...Just cleaning. How do we than share? Love etc...Thanks. Marilyse

    • Mabel Katz says:

      You are not the one deciding what gets erased. You just choose to let go and give permission to a part of you that knows better.
      You want to take action from inspiration instead of keep replaying memories.
      Creativity comes from inspiration, no memories. You want to communicate from inspiration, no memories. You want to clean while you read the paper.
      Let go of trying to know and understand. Let go and TRUST.

      • Marylise says:

        I might have got it. Quite depressing the feeling we are responsible for everything, also for what is not obvious. How will I know cleaning works?
        I have a friend whose husband has stomach problems and I have something to offer her for him. Is it ok for me to do that or do I have to let them look after themselves and take their own responsability? Thanks. Corinne

        • Mabel Katz says:

          100% responsibility will set you free. You are not guilty. Everything (including your friend with stomach problems) is just your memories. You let go and let God to help them. Your job is to let go whatever is in you. Whatever gets erased from you, it gets erased from them. Only God knows what is right and perfect.

  3. Marylise says:

    About my friend with his stomach pain, shall I just leave him with his pain (just erasing) without offering him my potion? If God knows it is right for me to give him this potion, how will I know?
    If an elderly woman falls in front of me, shall I walk past ignoring her and erase?
    I have just experimented a week of silence (sounds like mind was pretty busy, hey?). Now people are asking me how it was? Shall I erase my experience and not talk about it? Talk only of the good parts and erase the bad ones? In such a case the experience will not be objective.
    How will I know cleaning works? Thanks Mabel. Marylise

    • Mabel Katz says:

      Do your part, continue with the cleaning no matter what, whatever is erased from you is erased from the other person.
      Your job is to be at peace no matter what.

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