Ho'oponopono, do you need scientific proof?

Ho'oponopono, do you need scientific proof?
Published: May 22, 2015

I'm again in Mexico and believe it or not, very soon I will be flying to South America. 

This coming Sunday, we will be cleaning here in Mexico and learning how to do it 24 hours a day.

Besides the Ho'oponopono Seminar, I will be presenting my new Seminar "The Easiest Way to Abundance, Peace and Happiness," in Lima, Bogota, and Buenos Aires. That way, we can let go of the past, be happy, stop replaying memories, and open the doors to abundance. 

Afterwards, I will be flying to Santiago, Chile, where I will be presenting Ho'oponopono and Zero Frequency. 

In South America I will have the chance to get together with family and friends and I'm very excited for the opportunity to be in Chile again, since I wasn't there last year.

"Life in itself is an empty canvas, it becomes whatsoever you paint on it. You can paint misery, you can paint bliss. This freedom is your glory." OshoHo'oponopono, do you need scientific proof? - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono Way

Soon I will be putting together my European tour. Where do we meet?

Mabel Katz

PS. Next Thursday we connect LIVE via phone, Skype (FREE), or the Web to let go of  the memories that we don't serve us any more and start receiving the abundance we deserve.


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