Ho'oponopono and love instead of fear programming

Ho'oponopono and love instead of fear programming
Published: June 29, 2015

I am staying longer in Argentina to celebrate both my mother’s 90th birthday as well as the wedding of one of my nieces. We added another Ho’oponopono seminar for those who could not attend our sold out event on Saturday, June 20th and for those who wanted to review the teachings in the seminar and keep re-programming their inner child as well as go deeper into the cleaning. 

Here in Argentina, besides presenting several conferences and seminars, I experienced very special opportunities to share with you. I presented to parents of autistic children as well as to a group of male prisoners in a jail in the city of La Plata.

Love instead of fear programming - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono WayFear programming - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono Way

Once a year, Dr. Ihaleakalá used present to teachers in Hawaii. One year a teacher raised her hand and asked, "Why is it that more money goes to prisons than to our schools?" When he heard the answer, he said to God: "No, I can’t say that. They will never invite me again!" Then he heard the voice that said, "Chicken." So he accessed his courage and answered, "All those people in prison now, passed through your schools first." That was hard for them to hear, and they never invited him again.

This is why I insist that our job is to raise happy children instead of professionals!

 those people in prison now, passed through your schools first

We are experiencing a paradigm shift, and it is imperative that we let go of our fear-based programming.

This coming Tuesday we remind ourselves how to love in the present moment, to consistently produce the results we look for because fear, by nature, inhibits performance.

Mabel Katz



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  1. Lesley says:

    Mabel, I just simply love you, I have used Ho oponopono for ever & found it so Magnificant. I reside in Tasmania , Australia & have a dream to travel along side you. I follow yr talks & seminars, ready r books & listen to yr downloads & hope one day you will make it to Australia or New Zealand... LvnU sister xxxx like U I have retired from 43 yrs in medicine to do the real work

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