A prison experience to "Discover prosperity within" tomorrow

A prison experience to "Discover prosperity within" tomorrow
Published: July 28, 2015

When I presented Ho’oponopono in a prison in Argentina, one of the inmates shared a story about a near death experience. He told me that he was taken to a hospital with his gallbladder punctured by a bullet and having no heart beat. He was considered dead.  Then all he remembered was that he woke up and there was a policeman next to him that told him: “You have another opportunity now, you can make different choices, it is all up to you.” He recovered and survived to tell this story.

Then he told me that everything I had told them was in the Bible and asked permission to read something from the Bible to me and his fellow inmates. We all said yes. While he was reading, suddenly inspiration hit me and I had to tell him, “You chose to come back, so that means you still have something important to do. And that policeman was actually an Angel that showed up to remind you.” My message really got to him and he responded by saying, “I know, I have never seen that policeman again. I could never find him.”

He also shared that his life sentence was reduced to 30 years, then to 15 and that her Mom was at that same moment in Court, discussing his case with the Judge. This shows you how cause and effect in from the inside out.

These opportunities have been heart opening to me: teaching men and women in prisons, speaking to autistic and Down syndrome children and their parents, deaf adults, presenting at psychiatric hospitals, etc. The thing that keep calling my attention the most, is the pure perception I have of them when I am there. Now I know what it is to see how God sees, with no opinions or judgments. Perfect just the way we all are.

One of the side effects of having a greater awareness of your reality (which is LOVE!) is a natural increase of your high self-esteem. And prosperity is the result of high self-esteem! So now is the time for us to change our perception of ourselves and others. With this shift, we will be able to enjoy the deep benefits of prosperity that is our birthright.

A prison experience to "Discover Prosperity Within" Tomorrow - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono WayThese experiences and epiphanies are so powerful that I decided to make the theme of this month’s Q&A call: “Discover Prosperity Within

I look forward to having you on the call this Wednesday July 29th at 1p PST. Here is the link to RSVP: http://bit.ly/1IHOi06

To your expanded vision and prosperity,

Mabel Katz


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