Ho'oponopono, you won't believe the sign I got...

Ho'oponopono, you won't believe the sign I got...
Published: August 18, 2015

Ahh I'm still reminiscing on my secret getaway!! If you follow my Facebook Page you might have seen me post about being on a beach to treat myself and work on my next book. Here's a picture of the beautiful ocean that helped to purify me once again.

You won't believe the sign I got - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono Way

There were also these majestic rock formations that seem to speak to my spirit. Before I could leave, I had to go back and say goodbye. I asked God for a sign of what I needed to take away, and a long tailed lizard and a swarm of crabs showed up. My heart was so full of love receiving these little messengers from God. It was hard to leave! 

LOVE: Beyond the fantasy

But eventually I said thank you, I love you and goodbye, and started walking away. I quickly turned to look one last time, and they were gone…

Nature leads to God. God is hidden in Nature. First, be natural. Then you will be flowing in the river of the natural. And one day the river will fall into the ocean of the supernatural. -Osho

It is impossible to be separated from your natural source, which is LOVE. So we have to remember not to look for love outside of ourselves, because love is what YOU ARE. Many of us have forgotten this so that's why I decided to make my monthly Q&A call this topic: LOVE: Beyond the fantasy.

The class is this coming Thursday and my sacred members have already been emailing some juicy questions about this so I look forward to the teleclass this coming Thursday. Get your ticket ASAP to join us since the cleaning starts when you sign up HERE

Excited to see you on the call!

Mabel Katz


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