Ho'oponopono, the magic of meeting face to face

Ho'oponopono, the magic of meeting face to face
Published: September 8, 2015

Aloha my friend!

I couldn’t have had a better birthday gift than spending a week in Puerto Vallarta with my sons, nephews, grandnephews, and some good friends. My friend Laura asked me, “How do you want to start your birthday?” I didn’t have to think too much, I said “Dancing!” And that’s how it started…

This really was a gift for my soul. My heart is still very open and full of joy! 

I can already feel the face to face transformation that will happen this week at my spiritual retreat in Mount Shasta. I’m looking forward to sharing very special moments with an intimate group. Just being surrounded by people who are tuned into the same healing energy, changes you.

I have had very important personal growth moments in Mt Shasta. How could I forget about the experience in the Sweat Lodge? Also, it's where I first heard about Dr. Ihaleakalá and I decided to go and take my first Ho’oponopono seminar in Omaha, Nebraska. Magic really happens when you show up to your spirits calling!

Now, I have great news for you…

You can meet me face to face at mThe magic of meeting face to face - Mabel Katz - Ho'oponoponoy new event in Los Angeles that brings families, parents and youth ages 10-16 together! If you are near by or if you know someone in the Los Angeles area, please share the opportunity to connect, because this is a real gift of peace and happiness for the entire family and their community. 

I am also happy because at the end of this month, I get another chance to teach a seminar in Tijuana for the first time ever. Then I’ll be at home for a month to have the chance to work on my new book before going on my European tour: Bucharest, Budapest, Moscow, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Belgrade and Zagreb!

Now, you have no excuses. Where will I see you face to face?

Mabel Katz



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  1. Clara rojas says:

    Que Dias son Los seminaries en Los Angeles y Tijuana! Por favor me gustaria asistir a el de Los Angeles, pues quiero invitar a ni Hija . Ya que las dos ncesitamos reunirnos, yo deseo su presencia y Ella necesita la Mia ! Soy su madre y nos Amanos mucho! Quiero que Ella bays conmigo a su seminary! Gracias ore por nosotras es importante! Yo confit y tengo fe en nuestras reunion!amen

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