Do you believe in family peace? support LA families!

Do you believe in family peace? support LA families!
Published: September 18, 2015

Do you believe in Family Peace? Support LA families! - Mabel Katz - Ho'oponoponoAloha my friend,

Have you ever been in conflict with a family member? 

You know, the kind where your parent or child just seemed to be on an opposite planet and you couldn't seem to reach each other?

It’s not a good feeling.

But the good news is that there is a way to bring peace into family life. When parents learn how to take care of themselves and let go of trying to be perfect they are better positioned to raise happy children. Happy parents make happy children!

This is why I am working with parents and children in Los Angeles on October 3rd - to help families create peace and celebrate the individuals.

We need to start with the children because we cannot allow them to go through what we went through. If they are happy, they will create happy communities, happy schools, happy businesses and happy and peaceful worlds. If they love and accept themselves, they will be able to love and accept others. If they know they do not need to be perfect, and that they are unique and special the way they are, they will admire differences, appreciate diversity and respect others.

So I invite you to invest in our future in 2 ways.... 

1. If you are IN Los Angeles: 

Bring your family to the all day workshop on October 3rd. Get your family ticket before we sell out here:

2. If you are NOT IN Los Angeles:

Sponsor a family who does not have the money to attend but desperately needs this support. We are reserving some spaces for low-income families. Click the donation button and contribute on this page: (the family ticket price is $50 but all donations are appreciated)

You can also forward this email to your family and friends in Los Angeles so they can get this support!

Thank you for investing in the future with me!

Mabel Katz




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