Are you looking for your spiritual sign?

Are you looking for your spiritual sign?
Published: September 22, 2015

Aloha my friend,

It really is a time of profound possibilities!

I had the most unbelievable confirmations during my recent trip to Mt Shasta!! One thing I was reminded of is that changing our lives and the world is easier than we think! So many amazing signs and messages came through, and we genuinely had fun and laughed a lot. I will be sharing more messages from the trip with you soon.

Before I forget…

I want to make sure nothing is blocking your spiritual messages and confirmations. You need the deepest level of forgiveness so you can be open to the confirmations and signs waiting for you. I am teaching exactly how to do this next Tuesday in my Q&A.

Please don’t miss this one because it’s a very profound time. Grab your seat HERE. 

Are you looking for your spiritual sign? - Mabel Katz - Ho'oponoponoIn the meantime, I want to share with you a special Ho’oponopono confirmation my student Alberto got in one of Mount Shasta’s vortex.

"Our guide took us through a very deep meditation in this powerful place of the Mountain, the root chakra of the Planet, and made us descend to the underground city called TELOS. Each of us had a different and personal experience.

In TELOS I saw many classrooms: one of love, another one about loving oneself (you had to love yourself), another one about forgiveness (you had to forgive), etc…I told them I practiced Ho'oponopono so they replied: "Oh, come here then."

So they took me to the Ho'oponopono room. Once there I sat in a chair and I could see a kind of etheric blender/washer and its axis went through my entire spine and its arms turned around from different points in my spine. I could see it turning around, and it felt like a nice breeze. I asked them: "What am I supposed to be doing here in this room?  The answer was: "In this room you don’t have to do anything, in this room everything is DONE FOR YOU". 

Then we were invited to direct our intention to the outer space and identify our home planet. I could see The Pleiades and that place was certainly beautiful, clean, very esthetic, technological and with a lot of water. I asked them how they had achieved such development. They answered back: "Mainly due to Ho'oponopono; but we didn't invent it, we received it from another star and then we gave it to the Hawaiians. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. " - Alberto Wirz  - Lima, Peru

I am telling you, Ho’oponopono works!

Also Saint Germain talked to us through our spiritual guide and confirmed this was the correct information.  He even thanked me for the work I am doing! Do you have any idea how my soul felt getting this confirmation? Wow! I can still feel it in my physical heart!

Once more, I am telling you, life can be easy! Please join me next Tuesday to learn how in the Q&A! You won’t regret it. Sign up here.

Thank you  from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity.

Mabel Katz


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