Benefit from the transformation

Benefit from the transformation
Published: September 29, 2015

Benefit from the transformation - Mabel Katz - Ho'oponoponoAloha my friend,

I promised I had some stories I wanted to share with you from my recent trip…

Here is one:

I stopped at Carmel beach on my way to Mount Shasta and so many people were there walking their dogs. I thought “it would be nice if ­a dog will recognize me her­­­­e,” since dogs "know" and can “see.” As soon as I thought that, God sent me a sign! A BIG happy black dog came out of nowhere with his tail wagging and sat down right next to me, even touching me. I started laughing because I could recognize the sign. It was hard to believe!

After a little while, his owner showed up smiling and pointed out that he had a ball in his mouth and wanted me to play fetch with him. So I threw the ball, also letting go of my new friend since I thought he would go back to his owner. But no! To my surprise he came back to me with the ball, what more could I've asked! I felt my heart bursting. It reminded me of the freedom of letting go of old hurt feelings so we can get these confirmations and we can smile more and be happy.

I want you to happy and free like that. 

Forgiveness, it’s like the oil to a machine, it makes the wheels move.  It’s like the Law of Gravity, its power is invisible, but its effect is extraordinary.

I know you will benefit from the huge transformation today. To be free at last!

 Mabel Katz

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