Ho'oponopono, beyond happiness and unhappiness

Ho'oponopono, beyond happiness and unhappiness
Published: October 24, 2015

Aloha my friend,

Many years ago, I went to South Korea on a business trip and I found a book of The Teachings of the Buddha on the nightstand. I thought to myself: "I am sure everything in this book is very interesting, but I will not have time to read it all. I am going to open just one page and see what it says." What it said on that page, I included in my first book The Easiest Way:

"He who is influenced by his likes and dislikes cannot understand the significance of the circumstances and tends to despair before them. He who is detached understands perfectly the circumstances and for him all things are new and significant." Later on it says: "Happiness follows sadness. Sadness follows happiness, but when one no longer discriminates between happiness and sadness, the good and the bad, one is capable of freeing oneself."Ho'oponopono, Beyond Happiness and Unhappiness - Mabel Katz - Ho'oponopono

In this month's Q&A I would love to show you how everything is just your perception and when you allow things to be, is easy to forgive; you don't accumulate resentment, and can go beyond your mind to find real peace of mind. 

"See you" this Thursday on the cal!!

Mabel Katz


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