Could I share ho'oponopono with others?

Could I share ho'oponopono with others?
Published: October 30, 2015

Aloha my friend,

I started packing and getting ready for my trip. This next tour will include 7 cities: Bucharest, Budapest, Moscow, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Belgrade and Zagreb. I am looking forward to the inspirations and blessings awaiting all of us.

I am very grateful for the many confirmations I got in Mount Shasta about Ho’oponopono and the work I am doing.

I would like to share with you this video of Dr. Ihaleakalá that somebody sent to me. It will answer many of the questions you usually ask me, like: Should I share Ho’oponopono with others? Why do we sign agreements not to teach in the trainings?

He shares about his experience in the mental hospital and the tremendous power of the Ho’oponopono cleaning.

He confirms that Ho’oponopono is The Easiest Way and that Peace begins with ME.

Watch and enjoy it NOW.

Where will I see you?

Mabel Katz


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