Beyond death with ho'oponopono

Beyond death with ho'oponopono
Published: November 3, 2015
Beyond death with Ho'oponopono

Beyond death with Ho'oponopono

Is there a greater gift than to peacefully accompany your mother on her passage to the other side in peace, without pain or emotional collapse?

Today I am certain that this was an unbeatable experience. I dare to accept that it was a wonderful, moving experience.

I experienced in wonder that we can continue the path with our souls connected; mine here and hers there, having left behind her tired and exhausted body. She didn’t abandon her body, she took it off.

I had suspected this, but now, after perceiving many signs, I am sure that we’re so much more than just a physical body.

I first heard about Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian technique for solving problems, a year and a half ago. I began to practice it; I anchored in it and it became my passion.

Day after day, I experienced it as a miracle.

It took me down the path until I gave God the power to manage my life.

In Him I surrendered my free will to choose this path, life’s easiest path, his path.

I used to look at my mother, over 80 years old, getting sicker and weaker, still carrying on with her daily life with extraordinary agility. Many times I would wonder in despair: soon she’ll end her path here too, she would leave; She will die.

I had been practicing Ho’oponopono for half a year. I trusted my life and destiny to God, speaking to him more often, dedicating more time of my life to Him when my mother collapsed: a stroke, unilateral paralysis, an ambulance, the hospital…

It was a big effort for her to leave us here, an agony of two weeks, without direct contact with the world. Many times she would open her eyes, look to the left and reach out her hand. They were calling her… The most I could do was to hold her hand and repeat to her: “I Love You, Thank You for being in my life”.

I wasn’t weeping for her to stay; neither was I begging “No, not yet, please no.

She waited for the most beautiful spring day. On the first day with the sun shining, her body finally rested. She was holding her indispensable rosary on her left hand; she moved her right hand to touch it (Her right hand had become paralyzed two weeks before).

With both her hands touching the rosary she greeted the celestials that were embracing her.

I felt an infinite peace, a huge acceptance, tranquility and gratitude; I still feel the same way. I know that she’s in a wonderful place, which is a blessing for her: I realized this the moment she left.

That sensation still accompanies me, thanks to Ho’oponopono which started to open up a new dimension to me on the months prior to my mum’s death. That dimension is much closer to a place different than our physical life here on earth.

It’s wonderful to know that at any time in our lives we can chose between suffering and problems or acceptance and inner peace.

I’ve chosen Ho’oponopono, pure inner peace. Thank You, a thousand times thank you.

- Klara Mora, Hungary.

Thank you Klara, for sharing this wonderful testimony with our community


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