Change is imminent in Budapest and Moscow

Change is imminent in Budapest and Moscow
Published: November 13, 2015

Change is imminent in Budapest and Moscow - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono Way

Aloha my friend,

When I arrived in Romania, I found out they were experiencing big changes in the government. 

Romanians were on the streets every night while I was in Bucharest. They were asking for change. Unfortunately, the desire for change came after many lost their lives in a night club.

As I keep saying, the tragedy is not the tragedies in themselves, but that we don't wake up.That is the tragedy. We are still waiting for something to change "out there".

So many things are happening in the world, but we are still asleep.

Please, is important that we wake up and realize that the only way we are going to experience change is by changing ourselves.

Only when we change will everything else begin to change.

Erasing is a very real and effective solution to all our problems and our possibility to bring more Peace, Happiness and Abundance into our lives.

We are so used to being complicated, that we reject whatever is Simple.

We are so used to unhappiness, that we find Happiness suspicious!

We have to stop replaying memories of scarcity, hatred, unhappiness and wars.

We can do it, and it could be easy and fun!

Will I see you in Budapest, Moscow or Tel Aviv?

Mabel Katz


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