Peace and transformation in Moscow and Tel Aviv

Peace and transformation in Moscow and Tel Aviv
Published: November 18, 2015

Moscow Kremlin and at St. Basil Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow. Russia.

Aloha my friend, Where are you looking for Peace? Where are you looking for solutions? Aren’t you tired of going around in circles? How much bloodshed is needed for us to be willing to become more humble, wake up and let go?

All the solutions to all our problems come from Spirit. You will never find them anywhere else.

Our ancestors knew the answers were on another plane and they BELIEVED, that is why the many miracles in our history.

It is time for us to realize who we are, how we create and attract in our lives, so we can start creating and attracting more peace and happiness to our lives and our Communities.

Remember, Peace begins with US. Peace within IS world peace.

Changing and making a difference could be easy and fun, and we are transforming and starting to make a difference in Moscow this coming weekend and December 6th and 9th in Tel Aviv.

Please KNOW and TRUST, we can do it!

Mabel Katz


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