Become humble in Zagreb

Become humble in Zagreb
Published: December 15, 2015

Aloha Zagreb,

Something I have been repeating in the last trainings is our need to become more humble.

In ignorance there is simply no way of being humble, because the manifestation of ignorance is, in itself, the absence of humbleness. The lack of humility is nothing but ignorance.

It is not humbleness but knowing that has to be brought about. Knowing itself becomes humbleness.

When the Knowing shows up, ignorance and illusion disappear. It is only through knowing that hatred is eliminated. It is only through knowing that the state of liberation is attained.

Zagreb theater square panoramic view, CroatiaIf we are really looking for Peace, it is important to know yourself; which is why that is the theme of this month's Q&A.

See you on the call or in Zagreb?

Mabel Katz


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