Feeling overwhelmed? You can turn it around with ho'oponopono

Feeling overwhelmed? You can turn it around with ho'oponopono
Published: January 23, 2016
You can turn it around with Ho'oponopono

You can turn it around with Ho'oponopono

Taking time off in Switzerland before coming back home was a really good idea. I also had the chance to share the Holidays with family and friends there, which was very special.

I know the Ho'oponopono cleaning does amazing things but many times we don’t see the results, cannot experience it or even get confirmation, so I want to share this e-mail I have received from Danilo in Belgrade to give you an idea:

“If you remember, when we were driving you through the fog in Belgrade, I showed you a concentration camp, which, instead of being marked and turned into a museum, had people living in it...Well, just few days after you left Belgrade, people from our government showed up and decided to move the people living there and provide apartments for them, and finally turn that complex into a museum!!! Isn't it wow??? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

(When this is going to actually happen is not known yet, but a very important step towards it has been taken just few days after your (our) visit to and the Ho'oponopono cleaning of that place...)

I just wanted to let you know!!! Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!!!”

I know sometimes you feel overwhelmed, but you can always turn it around, especially with the Ho'oponopono cleaning's help. That is why this is the theme I chose for this month’s Q&A that will take place this Wednesday January 27th, at 5 pm California time, because you deserve to be happy and at peace.

Please keep letting go and trusting because every "thank you" is an investment. Every “thank you” makes a difference, even if you don’t see it or experience it, and everything comes back!

See you on the call, in Los Angeles or Miami?

"See you" on the call.

Mabel Katz



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  1. Behsat says:

    Thank you so much Mabel, I learned a lots of things from you, over years , Thank you , thank you , thank you.

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