Women in the new era

Women in the new era
Published: March 30, 2016

Many times, women homemakers are overlooked as financial producers because they stay home, but performing at home is exactly what the home-oriented woman enjoys, and her activities are as valuable as those of other woman that work outside the home.

Ho'oponopono and Women in the New EraRunning a business or holding a position at work is neither more nor less important and valuable than the work of the homemaker who runs a home. Both require specific talents and skills. The career woman earns a salary from the company she owns or works for, and the homemaker performs innumerable management and maintenance tasks that also possess a clear economic value. Within the family, both the partner who works outside of the home and the partner who stays at home perform labor and tasks essential for the ongoing success of the family enterprise of raising a family.

The great financial and social value of the homemakers’ labor is often overlooked by society’s narrow view of value production. Because the homemaker does not receive a salary, we forget that she enables her partner in the partnership to go out and perform paid work or business activities. Society as we know it would not be possible without the homemakers’ 24/7 activity, so far from degrading or dependent, the homemaker’s contribution to the family partnership is essential. We all know that behind a great man, there is a great woman. Men need a well run home and a safe place to recharge their batteries in order to succeed, and homemakers deserve half of the credit for that success.

Another important element that we need to realize, as women, is that it doesn’t work to compete with the man at home. This competition to be the boss doesn’t work for anybody. Things have become somewhat confused with the advent of equal rights. We are not here to compete; we are here to collaborate and support each other. Happiness is not about competing for a man’s position. Equal rights are about equality of value, not necessarily equal activity. The idea that we must become like men costs us more of what we gain.

Creating a successful team at home and at work is a must. We need to accept our differences. It is very important that we work out these issues in the new times we are living. The changes have started. We all can feel them, and they are inevitable, so what worked before has already stopped working. It is time to open our minds and start realizing that we are all unique individuals with unique talents. Recognizing those talents in ourselves and others will help us to create happy teams, happy families, and happy communities, and definitely a happy planet.

In this New Era, we, as women, have a very important task on our shoulders: it is up to us to set the example. We are the pillars, the foundation, but we must perform our duty while at the same time respecting, appreciating, and asking for collaboration, because we cannot do it alone.

A smart woman respects her man’s brains, and a smart man cherishes his woman’s feelings. Yes, we are different and we need to realize we have a lot to learn from each other. If we learn to work as a team, we all win.

The same goes for our relationship with other women. We need to let go of our need to compete that stems from old beliefs and judgments, such as thinking that there is not enough for everybody. We must stop seeing ourselves as competitors and enemies.

The common denominator is that we are all looking for happiness. That’s it. Clarity brings happiness, and the lack of clear roles doesn’t.

We are not here to compete with anybody. Let’s not get confused. Many times, the most active person is the more helpless, and the passive person is the most powerful. Everything has a pay off. We must let go of our victim mentality and stop blaming others. We are 100% responsible, and everything depends on the choices we make.

No matter what women do and where they do it (in the home or outside, in the business world), it is very important that they stay connected to that part of them that knows best. Some people call it the sixth sense. I call it inspiration. Inspiration is that unexplainable sense of knowing that we sometimes experience. Even though it may seem illogical, nonsensical, or ridiculous, it is very important that women learn to trust their own inspiration, because it holds the solutions to our problems and brings us the right answers to our questions.

Women set examples. The experience of living is to seek pleasure and love for self and to share with others. We learn to love by example. When mothers love and accept themselves, they teach their kids to love and accept themselves. It is fundamentally important that women be happy, do what they love and trust themselves at home and at work, because happy women create happy children, and happy children create happy families and businesses. It is up to us women to change the world. Yes, we can make a difference together, and yes, it is important to do it with the support of the men in our lives.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”- Albert Schweitzer

Choose happiness. Everything starts with you. When you’re happy, everybody will be happy. A happy woman is a successful woman.

Mabel & Ho'oponopono


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