Teotihuacan, an important place for my growth

Teotihuacan, an important place for my growth
Published: April 20, 2016

Teotihuacan, an important place for my growth - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono WayI'm feeling renewed and very happy after sharing with such special group these days in Teotihuacan.

Teotihuacan has always been an important place for my growth, both now and in the past; there I had the opportunity to work with my fear of heights (acrophobia). This time proved to be just as special, as the group convinced me to go on my very first hot air balloon ride the very first day I arrived. Teotihuacan also had other unexpected and "interesting" experiences waiting for me.

It was a true rebirth for everyone in every way and I am very grateful for the dedication and willingness of the group.

We measured the energy of the group when we arrived, and on the last day when we measured it again, it had increased so much that we went of the chart!

We definitely raised our energy in Teotihuacan, but I think the most important piece was what we were able to let go of, how much grew and all of our experiences. So much we cannot even count!

Soon I will be heading to South America.

NOW, I highly recommend you go for it. Let go and trust.

Mabel & Ho'oponopono


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