Ho'oponopono transforms your loneliness

Ho'oponopono transforms your loneliness
Published: June 23, 2016

Aloha my friend,
I already presented in Bogota and I am back in Buenos Aires. Time really flies.
There's nothing like realizing that we are all family. During the seminars in Bogota, after watching a video about DNA and how we are all related, we decided to call each other "cousins."
I also have received very special gifts there, because we had several testimonies from men and kids.
One man told me: "Mabel, I sleep and wake up with you every day.”  I couldn't help it but commenting: "I hope your wife is not  jealous!”  Well, it's not the first time a man shared with me a testimony like that. They usually agree they wake up happier and they are much more at peace.  They worry less.
Let me clarify, just in case some weird thought passed through your mind, that what this means is that they fall asleep and wake up listening to my audios!
Regarding the kids, I interviewed some of them at the end of the seminar, they said that they thought the training was fun and entertaining, and that they would use the tools... The most important part was when I asked them what they could tell me about God. Some of them responded: "Excellent" "Very important" "He is always with us."

Ho'oponopono transforms your loneliness - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono Way 
Well, is important we do not forget that God is very close to us, and that we are not alone. This is why I chose this theme for this month’s Q&A, because loneliness and aloneness are not synonymous.
Yes, you have to come to terms with your loneliness, so much so that the loneliness is transformed into aloneness. Only then, you will be capable of moving into a deep, enriching relationship. You want to move into a relationship like a master, not like a beggar.
“See you” this coming Tuesday on the call. Remember to send your questions!


Mabel Katz



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  1. Kasia says:

    Dear Mabel,

    You suggest to use 2 phrases of Ho'oponopono - I love you and thank you instead of 4. Why?

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