Never give up

Never give up
Published: July 21, 2016

Aloha my friend,

Now, I am in Cabo San Lucas on vacation with my sons and nephews. Thank you God. I am so happy and grateful.

The testimonies I have received during my last tour in South America are the ones that give me the confirmation of the work I am doing. I need to keep going. Like the mother at the end of the seminar in Buenos Aires said in my ear: "Thank you Mabel, my daughter just told me that you have saved her life, because she was thinking about suicide."

The first day In Chile, I honestly told the participants that I was tired and I didn’t want to be there that day. I shared how Dr. Ihaleakalá used to say, “I want to go home” many times during the seminars and people thought he was joking, but he was not.

Later on that day, a woman raised her hand and shared how it was a miracle that her grandson is alive thanks to something she did, because I responded to her e-mail immediately, and the doctors cannot explain it. I really got tears in my eyes with her testimony.

No matter how tired I am, I cannot stop. Before leaving Buenos Aires, Lucia, a special autistic girl, asked her mother if she could talk to me. I was thrilled when she told me,"Mabel, you changed my life. My heart is happier since I met you. Mabel, you are doing important work"

Yes, I have to continue. You know, Dr. Ihaleakalá kept telling me all the time: "It looks easy to teach this stuff, doesn’t it?" Now I know what he meant. Yes, "it looks" easy.

Our destiny is too great and our assignment is too important to get discouraged, tired or distracted. Things come against us because we are heading towards the fullness of our destiny. The enemy doesn’t fight people who are going the wrong way. Just know God put something on us to override anything and anybody against us.

That is why I chose this theme for the Q&A of this month, and like Winston Churchill said: “Never,never give up.”

I “see you” on the teleclass on Thursday, July 28th.

Never give up - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono Way

Mabel Katz


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