Stay on track in Japan

Stay on track in Japan
Published: September 19, 2016

Aloha my friend,

Many of you have asked me if I set goals at the beginning of the year. How could I?

If you would’ve asked me if I was going to Mount Shasta less than a month ago, I would’ve said it wasn’t possible, because the opportunity to go to Japan and China had showed up this year in September. I usually do the spiritual journeys around this time of the year. I was planning to go to Europe from Asia. I thought I was not coming back home till December, but something within me, knew that nothing was yet totally in place, and I was not even buying my airline tickets yet, I kept observing ...

Well, China got postponed due to travelling restrictions within the country, and since then, you have no idea all the possibilities that showed up and were contemplated ...even a tour around India!

I kept observing, without engaging, just cleaning... Letting go and trusting.

This is what I enjoy the most, letting God do the arrangements.  He decides, not me.  This way I always end up with more gifts than I had ever imagined, because Mount Shasta is a gift for me. After such a magical journey last year, I wanted to come back! Now I get to go to Mount Shasta! We put the tour together in about 3 days, and announced it just one month in advance!

So now, my agenda got really tight, but my heart is happy.  I only have one night to prepare myself to leave to Japan when I return from Cancun and then 2 days to prepare to go to Mount Shasta when I come back from Japan.

Stay on track in Japan - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono Way
As you know, I was in Japan with Dr. Ihaleakalá in 2009, but this is my first time presenting there by myself. Yes, this is my first seminar in Japan. I had not even thought about it, but somebody requested to participate in absentee, and I thought it was an excellent idea and  I decided to offer it for such special occasion, of course, if you have already taken the live seminar. So, you can come to clean with me, in my first seminar in Japan

This month, in the monthly teleclass, we “stay on track”. We realize there is no need for comparisons. Each one of us has a unique mission to accomplish and we don’t have any time to waste. Comparisons are really destructive. Stop persecuting yourself with all kinds of questions that rob you of your self-confidence.

stay on track
“See” you soon in Japan or the teleclass this Wednesday?



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  1. hema says:


    I especially needed this topic this morning. I met a friend who was telling me her son is going to Oxford University to do his A levels. My son is the same age but just going about doing his thing. I don't think Oxford even crossed his mind. For a moment there, these feelings of sadness, envy and being second best surfaced. "Why not my son too?" etc etc. I am cleaning with fly paper, flor de lis on the situation. Just wanted your input. Thank you Mabel.

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