Say yes. come join me in India.

Say yes. come join me in India.
Published: October 7, 2016


Say Yes. Come Join Me In India | Budapest - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono WayI have no words to describe the experiences we shared in Mount Shasta. It truly went above and beyond our expectations. And, to be honest, when I offered the possibility of the virtual tour, I knew you guys were going to enjoy it, but I never imagined that the uploaded material would be so magnificent. So transformative.

Mount Shasta was full of messages from Masters and Beings who came to assist us in our learning and healing. Jesus. Adama (Lemuria). Saint Germain. Divinity Himself!

And let’s not even talk about all our sharing experiences, like the one in the
Sweat Lodge!

It was impossible to walk away unchanged. And if you haven’t experienced it yet, now is the time. Register today for the Virtual Mount Shasta Program.

It’s too powerful to ignore. It contains everything you need to raise your frequency, develop more communication with Spirit, and find new ways to TRUST, TRUST, and then TRUST some more. Do it now because in a few days the price will increase (it’s already priceless). There is no better time than NOW to start a new chapter in your life!  

TRUST ME, you’ll thank yourself for the gift.

Now, on to a new subject. And I know you’re going to think I went nuts. And maybe I did. But, as I said to someone on the phone today, “when the Universe throws something to me, I take it.”  The truth is, I always say YES to God. How could you not? So, when I was invited to speak at a Peace Conference in India and "by chance" I had that week open, I intuitively said, “Yes!”

I've never been to India and here was my opportunity to see and experience one of the most spiritual places on earth. And, now, here I am…throwing out the same invitation to you.

Why don’t you join me? That’s right. I want you to come to India with me!

Is it crazy? Illogical? Maybe there’s not enough time for you to think it through. Well, in my experience, it’s those crazy, illogical, and unplanned events that end up being the most transformative and unforgettable experiences of our lives. The experiences we need the most.  

So, what do you say? Are you with me? Are you brave enough to say YES to the Universe and the opportunities that life is now presenting to you? It could be the one thing you need to transform your life.

I’ll see you in India!


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