Everybody in life has a purpose

Everybody in life has a purpose
Published: December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas!

This time of the year, there’s a promise in the air. Hope and heartfelt resolutions.

It’s going to be a beautiful year. And I can hardly wait to see where life will take us.

It is my hope that you will get in touch with the silence within yourself and decide what you are going to focus on in 2017.

It is important you start trusting your internal GPS first. Your joy will be your inner guidance.

Of course, you are filled with many questions. What was I put here to do? What is behind everything I do? But, there is a much deeper question that you should ask first. It is Who Am I & Why Am I Here? It is the most important question you will ever ask.

To know who you are is to connect yourself with the Universe and all its magic and power. It is to recognize your true Divinity -- an expression of love, light and awareness. To know why you are here is to express this beauty and awareness through your own talents and gifts.

Each of us is born with a life purpose.

There is no greater gift you can give the world than your true self.

In this month’s Q&A we are going to discuss how each of you can begin this discovery for yourself. Through a special meditation and discovery exercise, I will show you how you can discover your talents and find your passions, while renewing your commitments to achieving your New Year’s dreams.

It’s going to be an incredible opportunity for us all.

Please join me in bringing your questions to this very special topic.

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Isn’t it time you know who you are and why you’re here?



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Everybody in life has a purpose - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono WayThe Topic of this month:

Why Are You Here?

There is Only One Of You.

Everything and everybody in life has a purpose

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2 Responses to “Everybody in life has a purpose”
  1. Gargi says:

    I am nobody and somebody at the same time. Who I am?. For me is an answer to my seeking.
    Why I am here is beyond my control. Please, help me learn to surrender in my own path. I do not want to learn any thing more just connect.
    Thank you

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