Unlocking the mind to heal yourself in Israel

Unlocking the mind to heal yourself in Israel
Published: March 17, 2017

It doesn’t matter where I am in the world; there is a question that always comes up: “How do I take the next step in my journey to good health?” Of course, there are many paths to a healthy life, and if you are listening to your inner guidance, you will eventually be guided to the path that will help you heal.

The body is a miniature universe. It is so vast—millions and millions of cells, and each cell alive with its own life, and each cell functioning in such an intelligent manner that it seems almost incredible, impossible, unbelievable. A miracle is happening every moment.
- Osho

But, guess what? There is a healer much closer than you think. This healer is always available. Infinitely wise. And knows exactly what you need. That healer is your subconscious mind! Yes, your subconscious mind!

And in this month’s special Q&A, I would be honored to show you How to Unlock the Mind to Heal Yourself. After all, all disease originates in the mind, and nothing appears in the body unless there is a mental pattern corresponding to it. We just need to find these patterns.

Since the beginning of time, people in every continent and culture have known that deep within each of us resides a healing power that could restore the abilities and functions of our bodies. The procedures and processes have varied, but they generally included effective ways to tap the incredible power of the subconscious mind and use it for healing.

I have personally found that the organ of healing IS the subconscious mind, and the process of healing IS faith. Together, they can help the human body, as Osho said in the quote above, do things that are “incredible, impossible, and unbelievable.

Join me this Thursday, March 23rd at 1:00pm PT as I help you understand the power of faith, love, and clearing as a vehicle to good health. Together, let us harness the subconscious mind into a tool to restore health.

As always, don’t forget to bring your questions!




Unlocking the Mind to Heal Yourself in Israel - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono Way

Are you coming to Israel?

Hope to see you in Tel Aviv. Great Spring cleaning opportunity to set ourselves free and to emerge a new. Come if you are open to receive the blessings.

Last time we had 400+ people in Israel at my Ho’oponopono seminar. I am going there again, and I would love you to join me! I will be presenting there March 29th and April 2nd. Spring is around the corner which is a very important time to clean up and prepare us for Passover. A new beginning. The possibility of a new start. See you in Israel!

Time to let your memories go and TRUST.

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