Love yourself and forgive

Love yourself and forgive
Published: April 19, 2017

Love yourself and forgive - Mabel Katz - Hooponopono WayAfter some very successful seminars in Tel Aviv, a wonderful time at my oldest sons's wedding, and a very emotional and special encounter with Pope Francis at the Vatican (not planned), I am back at home in Los Angeles.

I’m recharging my batteries to be ready for my upcoming presentations in Los Angeles, Spain and South America. Of course, if you know me, you know that recharging my batteries doesn’t mean I’m not working. It simply means I’m working from home—in my gym clothes and with no makeup.

It is not a secret. We all know that the path to freedom and happiness starts with an open heart, which always begins with love. However, what we often forget is that love does not begin with loving others, even our spouses, or our kids, or the moon, or the sky, or the stars. It begins by loving ourselves. The fact is, it’s a law of the universe that we can only truly open our hearts to others when we learn to love ourselves first.

But, how do we love ourselves? Truly love ourselves?

In this month’s Q&A, I’m going to show you how. It is my hope that you will embrace these truths in your heart forever, and that they will enrich your lives beyond measure.

Always remember, we are love—created from love, and here on earth to experience love. We don’t need to go looking for it. Love is within us right now. All we need to do is discover it and claim it.

And I’m going to show you how. How to let go and erase all the memories of pain and hurt that are living in your cells and preventing you from discovering your real identity—which is pure love. And how to forgive yourself for forgetting your real identity in the first place. For now, let me tell you this: The moment we decide that we will no longer allow our egos to manipulate and influence us, is the moment we open our hearts to infinite possibilities.

I’m also going to show you how to dismantle the defenses, blocks, and barriers that keep us from living our purpose and expressing this pure love to ourselves and the world around us.

Together, let’s rid ourselves of these blocks and discover our real essence. Let us welcome the flow of love into our hearts so that we may then share this love with the world.

In other words, let’s change our lives to make the world a better place.

Join me this Thursday, April 27th at 1:00 pm PT as the topic of this month is Opening Your Heart to Love (Beginning with yourself). We can start with ourselves. In fact, we must start with ourselves.

Don’t forget to bring your questions!

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  1. Sare says:

    On April 18, I was hospitalized. I found out about Ho’oponopono on April 29 and have now been using it to change my condition. I have received much synchronity + messages. I am starting to understand what is happening.

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