A letter to Mabel

A letter to Mabel
Published: November 21, 2017

Dear Mabel,
My name is Lejla, I have just returned from your Ho'oponopono seminar in Belgrade (my third seminar with you) and I would like to thank you for all the blessings my Soul received there.

I have been practicing Ho'oponopono for about a year and a half, and I feel more peace and love inside my heart than ever before. The practice of cleaning has already started to change my life, which is why I have chosen to walk with Ho'oponopono for the rest of my life.

I have learned so much from you that I don’t even know where to begin, but I’d like to try. I am calling this my “What I have learned from Mabel” list. I offer it to you with love and gratitude.

What I Have Learned From Mabel

I have learned that God’s help is always within my reach. I just need to ask for help, and then show God my trust and let go.

I have learned that we are all connected, but at the same time different, and that we should respect each other's differences.

I have learned to realize how incredibly identical or similar all the programs we carry inside of us are, and that with God's help we can remove the programs that are not useful anymore, which allows us to live more fulfilling and happy lives.

I have learned that we are all unique individuals who can each do something to make the world a better place. We all have a mission to fulfill on planet earth.

I have learned that we don't have to wait for life to be perfect. It’s ok to “jump in” and follow our dreams. I have also learned to balance this with the wisdom to be patient.

I have learned how important it is to stay present in this moment, and that our goal is to be happy and at peace right now. Do this and we are at one with God.

I have learned that I can always choose how to react to a problem. The problem doesn’t matter. It’s only my reaction to it that matters.

I have learned that Ho'oponopono works for everyone, but it is not for everyone.

I have learned that letting go doesn't mean giving up.

I have learned that it is more important to be at peace than right.

I have learned how to live more from the heart than from the mind.

I have learned that is important to be nice to myself and to put myself first, because when I'm ok, everybody is ok.

I have learned that it's better to choose to be humble than to be arrogant.

I have learned that the most important relationship is the one I have with myself, with my inner child and that my inner child has the direct line to Divinity.

I have learned that I don't have to say “I can't” to myself anymore. “I can't” is only a memory, which I can erase if I choose. I have also learned to say no to all my negative thoughts.

I have learned that we don't have to suffer, and that our habit of complaining is just memories. These memories keep us out of balance, which we can restore through cleaning.

I have learned that what I resist—persists, until I choose to finally let go.

I have learned that what gets erased from me, gets erased from everybody.

I have learned that when I see others as victims, I don't help anyone.

I have learned that we are here to clean, and not to prove who is right or wrong.

I have learned that it's important to return to the Void, because there lies the field of all possibilities.

I have learned just to keep letting go and trusting.

I have learned the beauty of saying “thank you, thank you, thank you.”

And, so Mabel, I will end with not one thank you, or three, but a billion thanks—from my heart directly to yours. I have learned so much from you and I will always be grateful.

I love you.



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