There's got to be an easier way

There's got to be an easier way
Published: December 16, 2017

Look what I found going through my drawers:

If your mantra has ever been, Theres got to be an easier way, then you need to check into Hooponopono. This Ancient Hawaiian belief system offers the cures for a world which has been inundated with convoluted and intellectual patterns of thought.

Meeting with Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D., and Mabel Katz, ABA, EA, was like stepping into a peaceful oasis, right in the middle of Dennys. Dr. Ihaleakala is an educator and psychologist, who is both a practitioner and teacher of this ancient art, which he has updated for todays world. Ms. Katz is also a practitioner and has presented lectures and training worldwide with Dr. Ihaleakala. She shared some of the practical  experiences in which she uses the simple tools of Hooponopono in her everyday life as an accountant, negotiator and event coordinator.

Dr. Ihaleakala took my tablet of paper and showed me a blank page, he said, This is how we all come in...clear, knowing who we are, no
preconceived ideaswe are the number 1, which represents our wholeness. Then, the first thought of separation occurs (as he makes an x on theunblemished sheet) and we have picked up our first barnacle. We are no longer one, but have gone into represent by two. Two takes us to the place of right and left; good and bad; light and dark.

We have caused the blemish on our wholeness to come into being, and we can asked that it be cleared. This is where Hooponopono comes in.

Hoo means cause in Hawaiian and ponopono means perfection. We have the ability to keep returning to this perfect state...the blank page, just by asking for whatever lies within us, that has caused this barnaclethis division in thoughtto come to the surface to be released. We asked for forgiveness that we have harbored this thought which has separated us from our Oneness with Spirit...and the thought barnacle disappears. Dr. Ihaleakala mentioned, that sometimes he needs to ask up to three times, for the reason behind the thought to come up for release. And, when it is released, the space is immediately filled again with that loving Oneness.

Simplistic, no...Simple, yes.

Ms. Katz shared from her own experiences how this idea works in action. She mentioned that after her divorce, she felt she would never be financially able to own a house again. It was a thought she carried within her. She thought she would just rent for the rest of her life. Upon finding the perfect house for rent, she was told by the landlord that he was selling the house, and she could either buy it, or move. She confronted this idea within herof not being able to buy a houseand asked for its release. She put out the idea that if this house was hers, then the financing would be made available to her. And, as sometimes happens with Spirit, at the last moment, she got a call that her loan was approved.

When we are confronted with the barnacles of another, Dr. Ihaleakala said, instead of going into our judgements (which only reinforces our own division barnacle of 2...that the other is different, in turmoil, or sick) that here is where we ask to clear our own consciousness of seeing division. If we can see division in our world, and all with whom we come in contact, then it is because we are carrying division within us.

As we ask to release divisive thoughts within us, our own state of Oneness returns. Division no longer has to be reflected out into our worldour world is cleared and made whole, as we clear ourselves.

If your children, your partner, or your friends are experiencing division within their lives, look to clear your own thinking and see how it affects those within your life. What ideas within you have drawn these reflections into your outer world? Ask for any thought which reflects this division in your own life to come forward for clearing, and ask for forgiveness for holding such a thought which is out of alignment with the principle of Oneness and Love.

Or, as one of our great prophets have told us, Love is all there is. This idea also gives an added meaning to the instructions, Love your neighbor, as you love yourself. We have always thought that we needed to do the first part, when it was the second part which needed to be experienced. How can we love another, when we have not begun to love ourselves?

And Hooponopono offers us a simplenot easy, but simplemethod of loving our state of Peace and Oneness so much, that we must keep returning to it. We return to that state of Oneness by asking for anything less than oneness to be released. We affect change in our world, by affecting change within  ourselves.
And, there is more...but this is the basis upon which this belief, or knowing, is built. If you get a chance to experience Dr. Ihaleakala and Ms. Katz, you are in for a experience of self-love and how to maintain that love to affect change in your world and the world at large. It all comes down to knowing yourself and Hooponopono offers a key to opening this inner door.

Editorial from The Messenger - April, 2002

Joann Turner, editor/publisher



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