Published: February 20, 2018

Ho'oponopono is a dream
My heart my soul I am ready to clean
Ho oponopono allows me to be at peace with trust
Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning consistently is a must
Ho'oponopono is a gift from God
The love of self is important as living in a pea pod
Ho'oponopono is creating self change and transformation
Ever evolving mankind into self adoration
Ho'oponopono is setting me free from me
As Im a creation of infinity
Ho'oponopono is clearing away memories which abstruct my unique path
Its building a bridge to connect with the higher self after the after math
Ho'oponopono is Gods answer to a pray
its gives us hope when we are in despair
Ho'oponopono is a shining white light
Giving us belief and trust in the almighty in the darkest night
Ho'oponopono is a rainbow so beautiful to see
Miracles it magnifies and bestows blessings for you and me
Thank you I love you
- Ilaya Gardez

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