Mabel Katz starts 2018 receiving acknowledgements in the United States, Mexico and Colombia, for her tireless work towards world peace

Mabel Katz starts 2018 receiving acknowledgements in the United States, Mexico and Colombia, for her tireless work towards world peace
Published: March 29, 2018

For Mabel Katz, the year began with positivity and success carrying her message of peace across several cities in the United States, Mexico and Colombia, where she shared the ancient Hawaiian art of Ho'oponopono and the Zero Frequency® method to solve problems and find the way to achieve happiness, abundance and peace.

In the month of February, Mabel participated as a speaker in the city of Los Angeles at the "LA Conscious Life Expo Conference", the annual most important international event in the United States, attended by thousands of people, where she delivered lectures and workshops in English and Spanish about personal transformation and general well-being.
Days later, she traveled to the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, where in addition to presenting a seminar on Ho'oponopono, she visited and shared her message with the inmates of the Puente Grande Prison, where she was acknowledged "for her brilliant lecture given a the police station of pre-trial detention, in favor of Social Reintegration".
In her role as World Peace Ambassador, Mabel was the keynote speaker at "Dialogues for Peace" at the Center of International Friendship of Guadalajara, where once again she received recognition "For her tireless work towards world peace.”
She also brought the positivism of her messages to the inmates of the Guardianship Center for Minors of Guadalajara, Jalisco, and was a guest at the Institute of Alternative Justice of the State of Jalisco (a judiciary organ with technical and administrative autonomy support, for the alternate methods such as peaceful dispute settlements), where she shared her message and created partnerships with their directors.
Her journey continued to Miami, United States, with an intense week of media promotion in the Hispanic market, which coincided with the tragic event occurred at the school in Parkland, Florida. There, she had the opportunity to bring messages of hope, encouragement and advice on how to attract more peace to our lives and those of our children. Also in the Sun City she presented a lecture and seminar on Ho'oponopono.

Finally, Mabel arrived in Medellin, Colombia, where she had the very emotional opportunity to present and share with children and adolescents. It was a day full of hugs, emotions, laughter and reflections at the Evolution of Thinking Foundation. One of Mabel’s passions is to work with children; it is very important for her to help everyone find a way to be happy.
The first part of her 2018 world tour culminated with her Zero Frequency® seminar, a way of life, a method created by Mabel who helps children, teenagers and adults to discover peace and happiness through personal responsibility and the discovery of their own talents and innate gifts.
Mabel will continue with her international peace tour in the month of May. She will be presenting in Mexico, and Ecuador and then in June through Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay.
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