Your body is your temple: Living the truth

Your body is your temple: Living the truth
Published: April 20, 2018

Take a breath and ponder this for a moment: 50,000 cells in your body died and were replaced by new ones while you were reading this.

Yes, my friends, the human body is a work of wonder—the beautiful expression of the mystery and magnificence of the Universe. Thank you! Thank you!

And yet for all its scientific wonder, its most miraculous gift is that it houses our consciousness. It is the home of our awareness. It is the temple for who we are.

The body is your temple. And you are the deity of this temple. I know you accept this. However, do you live it?

Do you treat your body as a temple?

In this month’s Q&A Your Body is Your Temple - we are going to explore what this concept actually means, and, more importantly, how we can each live the truth behind the concept. We will learn how we can each honor and become responsible for our own temples.

Of course, treating your body like a temple begins with a healthy lifestyle-nourishing foods, proper exercise, and mindful exercises. But, there is more to it than this. Much more. Honoring the temple is also filling it with love, respect, and gratitude, the right thoughts and feelings. And even an appreciation for the fact that our bodies will one day give up on us. 

And, yes, I realize it’s easy to feel afraid, that the body is letting us down, betraying us, and moving at a will of its own. We will need to meet this inconvenience head-on, before it turns into shame, fear and worry.

Still others will resist the idea of fully embracing the physical existence itself, choosing to live only in the “physical illusion.” But, we live in a physical world where duality is a part of life.

We can be conscious by being unafraid to get up close and intimate with the earthly reality of our body and with every part of our earthly life.

And it all starts with how we CHOOSE to treat our body like the glorious temple it is.

Isn’t it time you start to honor your body and let go of your worries?

Join us for this very special event. You don’t want to miss it.



Living the Truth

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