Choose work to feed your soul

Choose work to feed your soul
Published: July 20, 2018

I’m back…and my South American tour was extraordinary. I was able to inspired thousands of people that came to my conferences and seminars, and in Bogota,
I had the opportunity to present to people from the guerrilla movement, as well as people from the government who are working hard to reinsert them back into society
. Many men cried during my presentation. One of them came up to me at the end and told me he was sorry that more people from the guerrilla movement didn’t come with him. He said it would have helped them a lot.

In Peru, Ecuador and Argentina, I had the opportunity to share with less privileged kids and their communities. I presented at a foundation that helps abused girls, and as always, the experiences were as emotional as they were rewarding. I am always grateful to God for these opportunities.

Here are some videos of my trip. Some are in Spanish, but I think you will get the idea... I am also sharing a little bit of my Buenos Aires 🙂

Soon I will be in Europe, where I will present in Amsterdam, Bucharest, Zagreb, Belgrade, Budapest and Madrid. See the calendar.

Now, moving on to this month’s Q&A. Before I tell you what the topic is, I have a few important questions for you. How are you making a living? Providing for your family? Living your purpose? Feeding your Soul? And, most importantly, have you chosen your work or has your work chosen you?

You may shrug your shoulder and say “of course I’ve chosen my work.” But, the truth is, we don't always choose our work. Sure, we start out life with grand ambitions and a slew of options, but before we know it, it’s twenty years later, and we find ourselves in some line of work we never imagined. Our work has chosen us. It happens all the time and mainly for one simple reason: we have learned from an early age to act on what others say, value, and expect. In other words, we let others determine our incomes, pick our passions, and become factors in our happiness.

Fortunately, there is an alternative solution. It’s called Right Livelihood, which is our special topic for this month’s Q&A - and your perfect opportunity to Begin Choosing Work that will Feed Your Soul (and bring you the income and happiness you deserve).

Right Livelihood is a traditional Buddhist teaching and one of the limbs of the eight-fold path taught by the Buddha. Quite simply, right livelihood means choosing occupations that do not cause unnecessary harm to other living things. It also means being honest and ethical in business dealings - not to cheat, steal or lie, and in general make one’s living in an honorable way. You could say it’s doing work that is linked to the natural order of things.

More than that, it’s also doing our best at what we do best. In our monthly Q&A, I will show you how to embrace Right Livelihood through conscious choice. The ability to choose our work is no small matter. It takes courage to act on what we value and to willingly accept the consequences of our choices, which is especially challenging when such choice requires us to act against our fears, or against the wishes of those we love and admire.

But here’s the beautiful thing about conscious choice. Once embraced, you will no longer allow fear to control or inhibit you, freeing you to pursue the work you were meant to do, the job that brings you not only joy and meaning but service to the planet. And when you choose work you were meant to do, you will find that you will excel at this work beyond imagination, which will bring you all the financial security and prosperity you deserve. 

Let go of your fears and choose work you not only love but were always meant to do.

Let me show you how. Your life will never be the same.



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