Are you afraid?

Are you afraid?
Published: October 15, 2018

Say “thank you” to your fears and let them go.

You don’t realize that you are a prisoner of fear until you leave the comfort of your sofa in order to undertake something different than what you have always done — something related to your true passion and connected to your mission in life. Something similar happens to fish. A fish doesn’t know that it’s living in the water, nor believes that there could exist a place other than oceans or rivers. The difference between humans and fish is that human beings can obtain unexpected achievements when they dare to leave their comfort zone.

The people who are afraid are those who don’t know who they are, or they don’t know that death does not exist, that we are not our bodies. The people who are afraid are those who believe they’re alone, that God abandoned them when they were born. These people are afraid of the unknown, rejection, failure, to live and to die.

As it is well known, energy follows thought, so if you place your beliefs in that which fortify your trust, your faith in the Universe, and in yourself, you will surely find the impulse to move in a different direction than what you are accustomed to…with or without fears.

A false security.

Maybe you feel “good.” You’re comfortable. Maybe you work your eight hours, without passion, but at least you have time to rest afterwards. You believe that life is only this. Maybe as a child, adolescence or youth, you had a passion for something that you would have liked to have done, but now you have practically forgotten about it. You feel “secure,” but you are not happy.

It seems that fear appears when we consider starting something new, right? Well, I’d like to tell you that fear was already there; it was the same fear which kept you paralyzed. So, when we consider and decide to engage in something new, it is not that we are creating fears, but, rather, the fears that had already been there, are starting to resurface. Don’t worry if you’re afraid of the unknown. As a matter of fact, you should be happy, because due to your courage, those fears that you didn’t recognize before, have resurfaced and now you can see them. And if you can see them, you can do something about them.

What you must do is live with the fear of uncertainty, which is a law in this world. In terms of not deciding to undertake something new, you are free to give in to this fear. But, before you do, think of yourself on your deathbed. Will you feel happy with what you’ve done with your life? Do you see yourself going to the other side, full, complete and confidence?

Thoughts against fear.

Could we have thoughts which will help us get rid of the fear? Obviously, instead of centralizing repeatedly about a past which made us suffer, or a terrible future, what would evidently feed our fears; it is better to focus on thinking about things which will give us comfort and trust.

Substituting our frightening beliefs for more constructive ones could help us manage our fears better; although deep inside, it is not possible to eradicate our fears entirely, you have the power to control them. Fear is an emotion, energy, and thoughts. As a matter of fact, through every thought, another one goes against it, and you will surely find thoughts which will justify your fears.

The truth is, we will always have fears as long as we have past thoughts and beliefs. We just need to let go instead of resist them. We need to remember that being fearful is not a problem. The question is: what are you going to do with the fear that you are feeling?

Say “thank you” to your fears and let them go.

Ho’oponopono, the ancestral Hawaiian art, tells me that fears are memories, and like in the case of all memories, once you say “thank you” and let go, instead of resisting them, they can no longer control you.

My recommendation is: feel the fear, but don’t allow it to control you. Fears are inevitable; they are there, and will keep arising every time we want to do (or have to do) something different. Allow yourself to feel them. Don’t be afraid of fear. Do what you had proposed to do anyway. Say “thanks but no thanks, I don’t buy it” to the fears. Let go, trust, and free yourself.



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  1. Renata says:

    Thank You!

  2. angelina says:

    'thanks but no thanks,I don't buy it'. thank you Mabel, i love you

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