Beliefs are not the truth

Beliefs are not the truth
Published: October 15, 2018

You cannot go beyond your current beliefs if you remain attached to them. The first factor is fundamental, which requires that you realize how your actual beliefs limit you and then being able to let them go.

To know the truth of an experience, one that cannot be described with words, you need to let go of everything that you know: the knowledge you’ve gained, your beliefs, and your perceptions. You will reach this truth only when you are open, and willing to say: “Maybe I don’t know as much as I thought I did.”

The same thing happens with the ego, which is based on what it believes it knows, or with the memories. You must let go of your programming, which is all the knowledge of what you have learned. As you let go, suddenly, you realize that what is left is your heart, the part of you who really knows the truth. This has nothing to do with your education, or what you’ve learned. It is a natural and innate wisdom which cannot be explained or acquired in school. It’s inspiration, and it comes from the Universe (or God).

Perhaps, you are still giving too much importance to what you’ve learned, which is why you should ask yourself: what does it all have to do with reality? Many times, what we are taught has more to do with cultural values than with the real functioning of things.

On the other hand, think about all the different ways in which we are influenced — family, politicians, advertisement, or society in general. Do you know why you fall for those beliefs? Maybe it’s for convenience? Maybe it’s because you’re not happy, or at peace, or comfortable. Maybe it’s because you’re still within the scope of what is known, and you simply obey your automatic pilot without any doubts.

That is why so many people keep jobs or partners they don’t love. They do nothing to change the situation. Other times, they are convinced that they must compete with others, which makes them live under a lot of stress. The majority of people believe that the fault for what is happening to them comes from the outside. It’s always someone else’s fault.

All this leads to beliefs that have a double effect: on one side, before the circumstances that take place, they make you react in a very specific manner, which might not be the most favorable to your interests, nor your inner peace or emotional wellbeing. On the other hand, they exert a determining influence when it comes to circumstances that arise in your life.

Don’t fight with your beliefs

So, what we must do is stop “buying” into our limiting beliefs and, instead, believe in ourselves. We need to know that everything we truly need we already carry inside us. Now, if we try to access it from the wrong place, which is the left hemisphere of the brain, we will not reach it.

And if we don’t eliminate the boycott of our subconscious beliefs, we will not be able to establish our new beliefs, either based on affirmations and visualizations, since we do not have to go to something that is perhaps less logical, but it works. So, when the limiting voices speak to you, remind yourself of your beliefs and what is good and bad, then say to them “thank you, but I’m busy, I have more important things to do.”

Do this in a simple way, so that you don’t feel that you are at war with your own thoughts. This is not a war. Keep in mind that what you resist, persists; so don’t have the attitude of criticizing yourself when you find yourself thinking “bad” again. Simply stop it, and say the magic word: “thank you.” Show them your cheeks of love. Stop talking to the monitor. “Thank you” is the key you need to erase in your computer. You really can erase those beliefs and begin to attract positive things in your life.

Please incorporate this message in your heart: you did not come here to suffer, or not to have what you need at the time you need it. You came to be happy. Of course, that requires that you let go of those memories which do not allow you to do so. Always say “thank you,” and always come back to the present time. Don’t allow your memories or thoughts to take you back to the past. And don’t worry about how you will do it (the future) let God/the Universe guide you!

Practice detachment

You cannot go beyond your current beliefs if you remain attached to them. The first factor is fundamental, which requires that you realize how your actual beliefs limit you and then being able to let them go. This might scare you because it generates uncertainty; you don’t know if the new beliefs are going to work for you. You feel confused and out of control.

You must know that wisdom and truth exist in uncertainty. It’s useless to want to always be certain of everything. The previous conditioning was a prison for you, and in the wisdom of uncertainty lays the release of the past, of the familiar feeling. Let go of those beliefs. Open your mind and free yourself.


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