A new year to be more present

A new year to be more present
Published: December 31, 2018

When we find ourselves at the beginning of a new year, resolutions always come to the surface. I will start the diet. I will quit smoking. I will save money to buy a house. I will buy the car. Ironically, they are all the same wishes from last year, which we most likely did not fulfill. And so we end up feeling bad because of it, then put a smile on our faces, and try all over again. We believe that having a plan will make us achieve those coveted goals and then we will have what we want.

We believe that if we achieve these goals, they will make us better, happier, and more satisfied. We always experience a deep longing for the future, which keeps us always worried and feeling as if we have failed, or that we are not good enough when we don’t accomplish the goals we set out to achieve.

But what if we change the plan? What if instead of attempting to have a plan, we decide not to have one, and choose just to let it be? It’s time to make the decision to trust that we should always be in the present moment because it is worse to live in the future. Our insecurity comes from not knowing what will happen tomorrow or next month, but the reality is that we don’t need to think or worry about the future. We need to permit ourselves to be guided, then let go, live, and be in the present moment.

Once someone said to me, “Isn’t it comfortable to let go and say I leave it all to the universe?”

I answered, “Comfortable? To let go and trust has nothing to do with being comfortable. It requires courage and effort because you have to trust the unknown and leave your comfort zone.”

Our intellect is very stubborn in a way because it sees everything with irony, and with criticism. Our intellect doesn't trust, nor does it see the depth of life.

Please note that God is there to give you a hand. You are always protected, should you be open to being guided to the situations that are correct for you—taking responsibility for and recognizing that you are in this lifetime to learn.

If you keep living in the past, you cannot pretend to create a different future.

In 2019, let’s live in the present moment and remember that the future depends on what we decide now. Yes, your future is today!

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I invite you to begin the New Year more present and open-minded than ever before. The void is not as empty as it seems. Let Go and Trust the Unknown. Everything you're looking for is there. We are here to learn and grow. That is the only thing that we take with us.

In 2019, let’s focus on what is really important: Discovering who we really are and why we are here. To help you on this important journey, I offer all my digital products to you at 50% off the regular price. I do so that you will remember to always focus on what is truly important, and so that you can live more peacefully and achieve the happiness you are longing for.


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